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It's hard to believe but it's been a month since our last Blog! Note the 'our' last blog, as Ben wrote 'The Big 1000' which is still sat at the top of our Top 10 read blogs. We also had the local paper the Manchester Evening News take a keen interest in Ben's exploits sending round a photographer who spent 2 hours with us. Sadly the papers editors chose the picture with the least amount of RBLR badges showing. I did contact the writer to explain it was not a race, he promised to try and get the article changed on line but as I cannot find the online version I have no idea if this happened. His take was that it was a “race against time” i.e. the 24 hour deadline for IBA verification. 

Manchester Evening News
Thursday 4th July 2013

I did ask Ben to compose another blog about our recent Hadrian’s Wall End 2 End ride but he's in 'school holiday' mode so I'm afraid your stuck with my ramblings for the time being.

After the success of the RBLR1000 I thought it would be good to wind down a little but life had other ideas. At the beginning of the month the plan was to get a little admin sorted, Steve of All Year Biker, kindly came round and gave ‘Trinity’ a liberal coating of ACF50 to ensure I have no issues with rust and the like. Then it was onto eBay in search of the illusive ‘second bike’. Ben had loads going on as he was into his last week of junior school, leaving show’s, disco, visits to his new school and the like.

The second week I had planned to ride back down to Spain to sort out a little business but a last minute change saw me at the back of the wheel of J's car. As nice as that was its not bike so I'll just fast forward a week.  

After months of searching for a Repsol Rep. Fireblade RR1000 I eventually found the perfect specimen over near Liverpool. Sadly reality bit when I tried to get insurance. A quote of £890 saw that dream duly crushed once and for all. So it was back to the drawing-board.

Not one to be beaten that easily and having had a brilliant time in Wales on one of Nick's Yamaha XT660R's I changed my tack and found a locally based bright orange XT660X Super Moto at a really comparative price. So after a quick look around and a night to get insurance quotes I'm happy to say there's been a new addition to the Wandering Walton's Chop Shop! ‘Tangoed’ is now looking well after some sorely needed TLC but I plan to follow this blog with it's own write up so more on that project soon.

I've had a few short ride out’s but the most significant two have been one last Saturday organised by a good mate of mine (thanks to Twitter) Kieron the owner of the Filling Station Cafe in Keswick. Kieron organised an End 2 End (E2E) ride raising £1,000's in aid of Help For Hero's

This E2E was very different from my normal 1000 mile Land's End to John O'Groats via London rides. This E2E was from one end of Hadrian's Wall to the other end starting and finishing at the Filling Station Cafe. Both Ben & I had a brilliant day, setting off from Kendal at 0700 hours to make sure we arrived at the cafe with plenty of time for breakfast. 

The start of a brilliant
Hadrian's Wall End 2 End Ride

After a hearty bacon and egg butty we set off due East on the A686 which is an amazing bikers road which takes you up over the tops past the Hartside Cafe joining the A69 on past Hexam. Our first stop was called the Segedunum Roman Fort and Museum in Newcastle. This is where we got our first ‘Hadrian’s Wall Path Passport’ stamped in the shop.

We then turned around and headed back out of Newcastle to ride due West out of Newcastle and onto the B6318 also know as Military Road which pretty much runs the full length of Hadrian's Wall.

Stop number two was is at the Robin Hood Bar and Restaurant where you will find the official Hadrian's Wall straps in a wooden box at the side of the front door. Next it was Chesters Roman Fort and Museum, then Houesteads, next Birdoswald Roman Fort, then Tullie House in Carlisle and finally The Bank’s in Bowness-on-Solway. The stamp just happens to be behind the bar of the King’s Arms which was quite welcome. We then headed off to find some fuel and return to The Filling Station Cafe for a late lunch which we both devoured with ease.

Ben giving the E2E Ride
Thumb's Up!

How straight is that road?

One of the many Roman Forts and Museums

All in all the route covered 218 miles with 9 stops in total and was ridden by over 60 riders. There was a reporter at the cafe in the morning from the Keswick Reminder who chatted to most of the participants. I was delighted when Kieron Tweeted me to say that the reporter had used the photo he had taken of Ben and I as we were leaving, in the paper. 

This is a cracking photo of Ben
Spot that beaming smile
The Keswick Reminder Friday 26th July 2013

So we've appeared in two papers in the last month, not too shabby for a couple of  'Wanderers'.

Thursday I was out with the Manc Riders on one of our regular Compo's Chippy Run’s.  It was a cracking little ride with LBK up front on his new stead, a Triumph 800 which looks the business. With BadBoyBez, Oggy, Dave & LBK now all on Triumphs the Manc Riders feels more like a Triumph Appreciation Society every day. Still I was really pleased with the grin factor 'Tangoed' brought to the ride. Made better still by discovering Steve has an XT660X too, so hopefully he’ll leave the FJR1300 at home next time! 

I'm lost for word's 
(Cheers BadBoyBez for the photo)

Sunday 28th saw me back out on Mr T riding through Manchester at 0715 hours to take part in the inaugural running of the ‘Henshaws Sausage Run’ organised by Glen one of our very own, Manc Riders not forgetting Jo looking after the admin side of life.

The start of the
Henshaws Sausage Run
in aid of

The ride was publicised on a number of open forums along with FaceBook and Twitter. We all rode from Henshaws head office on Talbot Road near Old Trafford over A and B roads to their Arts & Crafts centre in Knarsborough  for a famous, Henshaws Sausage Sandwich. Seth and PanMan took the lead with LBK and I bringing up the rear. Seth did an amazing job of keeping the riders together with PanMan’s help at the roundabout’s. Made considerably worse by the sheer number of traffic lights between Old Trafford and Bury!

The first of many, many traffic lights!

Half an hour in and we needed a brew!

That's a fine pair of pins you have there Glen.
Top Mark's to Glen & Jo for a cracking ride

There were about 20 riders taking part all having made a donation. We all received a very well designed ‘Ride Pin and 2013 year bar”, plus the all important token for the Famous Henshaws Sausage Sandwich at the end of the ride. After the butty I thinned out calling in at Squires Cafe Bar on the way home, well it would have been rude to have ridden straight past!

Monday the 29th is the 12th anniversary of my Mum’s passing, three months to the day before Ben was born so it was only fitting that Ben joined me on my 12th trip to show our respects.

We miss you million's Mum x x x 

I have to say this months has just flown buy what with organised rides, trips to Spain, refurbishing ‘Tangoed’ and finally a wonderful ride around Derbyshire with me very “Precious Pillion" Ben to share it all with. 

One last note, as we were heading towards Matlock a Peugeot 205 with flash wheels, lowered suspension and tinted wheels, passed us on the other side of the road belching so much smoke out of the exhaust we could not see where we were going for almost a mile.

Then as we rode down the hill towards Chapel-en-le-Frith another car passed us at break neck speed, luckily on the duel carriageway sounding as if it had no oil in the engine what so ever. 

Ben piped up over the head set “ There’s some reet owd sheds on the roads around Derbyshire Dad, int the!” I swear he just sounded like my 70 year old Dad! I had trouble not falling off with laughter. Ben, don’t ever change sweetheart your an absolute “Star” and I love you to bit’s (as I do your Mum and Lilie Rose I hasten to add).

So folk’s that was July! Now watch out Bike World because here comes “Tangoed”

If only the lights had been so kind to us all morning!

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