Friday, 8 July 2011

July Update

Hi Folk's,

Well I have not had much time to do anything on Trinity since my last post back in June.
I did get her put back together and tried starting her up .........................

Oh, to be a mechanic!

Sadly Trinity chose not to play that day so as I am no mechanic it there was only one thing for it. That's after I had changed the petrol switch and petrol pump, both with no effect.
I booked her into Rossendale Kawasaki for a good check over. Something I was always planning on doing but with her running.

I got one of the guys digging up the road outside the house
to help me load Trinity onto the Motolug trailer.

Spot the old towel protecting the front wheel.

We arrived in one piece.

Chris the manager and Phil (I think he is called) the mechanic helped me unload Trinity. I explained what I had and had not done. They were both pleased with the fact that I had not interfered with either the engine or the carburetors. I explained the engine bolts needed tightening and torquing up. The rear brake needs bleeding as I have not been able to get it working & then it was just a general 6000 mile service checking everything over as he did the work. Phil said he would concentrate on getting her running then give me a call to discuss what was next.

Here's hoping they have more luck than I have had in getting her to run. Mind they are the professionals so I'm feeling positive about the out come.

Trinity looked so sad sat there on her tod as I drove away!

I ended up taking the petrol tank down to Dream Machine Friday 24th June as their truck broke down on the way to collect it from me the previous week. Dan said it would be a one week turn around but as I had not heared anything this week I called him. They are having to strip the ZXR Logo's off and start again so it should be done and with me Friday 15th July. Fingers crossed it comes back to the same standard as the rest of the fairings which I polished and re packed today. They are all packed away in the garage now as I've heared nothing from Adam since the middle of last month when he informed me

"Some progress, but not as much as I had hoped.  I got put on a time crunch on a work project so its been taking up way too much of my time.  I have the fiberglass forms for the ram air tube cover/matching side done, ready to take the final mold from.  Everything else is just gonna be simple, not even needing a true mold.  Just make a form so the carbon is in the right shape and trim it to size before clearcoating it.

I have pictures, but they aren't on my computer yet.  Ill send them to you Sunday evening."

Sadly I've not received the pictures so I cannot post them just yet.

So once the tank is resprayed and returned. The infills are complete & posted over to me. Plus, I get the call to collect Trinity from Rossendale Kawasaki I can have a break and spend a little time setting up Mr T just the way I want him.

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