Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Trinity is DONE!......... Well for the time being that is!

Yesterday about 6.00pm I thought I’d just pop in the garage and put the stainless fasteners that I’d bought on eBay away. They’d been sat in my tool box bugging me, being all mixed up and that.

Then came Jeannies dulcet tones.

“So how long are you planning on leaving these fairings in the bedroom?”

“Not long, I’ll be fitting them tomorrow now I have the infill’s”

“Oh right, It’s just that I don’t want anyone scratching them as the wrappings all over the floor.  I’ve tucked it away”

“No sweat, I’ll get them shifted in the morning”

Morning my .........!

I decided to lay the infill’s out on the bench to see what was what and just thought “why not?”

And so started the final push!, I uncovered Trinity, put her in the middle of the garage and got stuck in. Having all the rubber edgings, two sets of Infill’s one new one old, I used the old ones to check where everything went. There was only on infill that baffled me for a couple of minutes until I realised it went under the top off side radiator bracket not above it. Der Raymond! Mind it has been a year since I stripped her down, how time flies.

I attached both side infill’s or “fairing inners” as Kawasaki call them, then the off side front infill. Then it was time to attach the off side fairing which went on a dream but stands just a little proud of the infill. One of my hopes to have these infills fabricated in carbon has not worked as yet but I will persevere. An email has already gone out to this end and I await a response with baited breath.

I then attached the cross member to the near side fairing and the small connector to the front A frame. Fitting the A frame turned into a little bit of a pain when the alan bolt just would not get a hold. Ben helped by shining the torch through the hole straight into my eye. Bless his cotton sock’s!!! After a few choice word Ben got the idea and lit up the hole from behind me and we swapped the alan bolt, the second one bit straight away, perfect.

Fitting the near side was easy give or take getting the first front bolt in and then it was just a matter of attaching the rear cross member and the rest of the fixings.

I took a couple of pictures last night and a few today but I’m sure when we get a sunny day the colours will change yet again as every picture I take makes her look like a different bike.

In one piece at last!

So what now? I here you ask, well I had a chat with Nick at Kais today and Trinity will be going over there in the new year to be Dynojet'd and the suspension set up correctly as at the minute the rear reservoir pipe is facing down and will catch the swing arm in time. Plus the rear suspension torsion bars which Martin kindly made for me need 5mm longer bolts as they are not recessed like the originals.
Also I want to sound proof the front fairings as the foam was removed for re-spraying. Sadly Kawasaki no longer make or stock the 4 off side foam liners so I’ll be on the search for those in the coming months. I also need to fit the horn which I forgot to put on yesterday.

Amazing what difference a little daylight can make

Trinity's looking good!

As soon as the weather picks up I’ll get Trinity MOT’d, taxed and then we will be all good to go in April. Look out Squires here we come.

Roll on Summer 2012!


  1. Mate.... Just read your entire rebuild post, from start to finish. Great job!!!! My L1 will be coming to pieces, as soon as I have the funds to do the magic. For now, though, it's my favorite ride.....

    1. Really happy to here your an L1 lover. Best bike I've ever owned. Keep me posted on your rebuild. I still have a few spare parts you can have if you need them. Cheers Ray

  2. March 23rd/24th 2013 Trinity will be in her first ever show The Manchester Bike Show 2013 being held at Event City. Hope to see you there.