Monday, 19 December 2011

Trinity’s Great Big Thank You Christmas List

A very Merry Christmas to:-

Mr Jon Mole whom I bought Trinity from in November 2010

Andy at Triple S Powder Coating who I blame (in a good way) for setting the standard for the whole rebuild

Michael for unknowingly donating all the body work from his beloved ZXR

Dan in the USA for the amazing Gold Anodised Top Yoke

Doug at Track Day Tyres for the Gold Anodised Radiator and Air Intake Cover

Darren at Dream Machine for ensuring a fantastic paint job was achieved

Mark at Vanden Powder Coatings Ltd. in Westhoughton near Bolton for all the little powder coated black parts

Nick and the team at Kais for refurbishing the Ohlins rear shock and re-building the forks.

Marc at Racing Component Development for designing and fabricating the amazing one-off rear sets

Mat and Martin at Motowheels in California, USA for the carbon brake and clutch reservoir brackets

Intobikes for the Skidmarx Carbon induction cover

Scot at All Bikes of Rochdale for the never ending supply of bits ‘n’ bob’s

Kwakies Motorcycle Spares Ltd for the ignition block

Sandy Bike Spares Ltd for the first set of headers (which I upgraded to full Akrapovic System)

Bike Devils for supply various fixings and two sets of Fairing Fixing Kits

Bike Business Ltd for fuel filter

JD Motorsport for supplying the Goodridge Stainless Clutch and bespoke Break lines

The Team at Cradley Kawasaki for new Genuine Kawasaki Indicators all round.

Ian at Colour Anodising for re-anodising the suspension arms

Jollify in Germany for the Carbon Frame Protectors and tank infill.

Martin Archer for supplying lower linkage arms on the ZX-7R Owners Club Forum

Tony Archer for re-covering the seats in a very nice black leather

Sorry if I missed you off the list but there are so many eBay suppliers I could not get everyone on!

Last but not least

A massive thank you to Jo, John and Tim at Rossendale Kawasaki for all their time and effort in bringing Trinity back to life and for supplying me with all the little important original Kawasaki parts that no one else could be bothered to find, order and supply. 
Can I thank each and ever one of you who take the time to read through my ramblings about Trinity, Mr. T and the adventures of the "Wandering Waltons Rides"
With a ver special mention to my captive audiece on the ZX-7R Owners Club, The Iron Butt Uk Forum and especially to our very special family friends on the Manc Riders Forum.

The Wardle Walton’s would like to wish each and every one of you a

Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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