Friday, 2 December 2011

The Home Coming "Trinity" is Back!

Snug as a Bug in a Rug!
Many thank's John for returning her safe and sound.

Well after what has felt like a life time but in all honesty was 5 months, "how long?" Yes it was the 7th of July I dropped Trinity off at Rossendale Kawasaki for the once over and the 6,000 mile service. Mind you, John the mechanic has been in regular contact and has done an outstanding job. I just have the bill to come now and collect the service book with the all important 6,000 mile service stamp in it.

First job, swap the side lights for LED's

I just couldn’t help myself yesterday, and got stuck straight into putting the front end back on along with what bits of body work I have. The tank and rear off-side fairing are down at Dream Machine so I’m still utilising the spare service tank as I call it. The infills hopefully are on their way back from the USA and I’ve still got the Remus end can and Sandy Biker headers on but I’ve made the decision to buy a full Akrapovic Road Legal System from a guy on eBay selling brand new kit. Once I have the nod I’ll post up his details.

So this will be coming off to be replaced with....

this Akropovic Full Stystem
My Christmas present to "Trinity"

The first thing to go back on was the rear grab rail, as ever I had to take the brake light off to re-fit was which wasn’t an issue. Then I offered up the nose fairing then remembering I had all the rubber grommets I set about fitting them before bolting the nose into position. I almost gave the mirrors away but I’m glad now that the guy didn’t arrive as I’ve refitted them for the time being. I would like some Rizoma mirrors but looking at the site it’ going to be a pain to get the correct adaptor and length of arm, I have a little more home work to do on that, me thinks.

Strange how the smallest things make the biggest impact
Next I fitted the Double Bubble Tinted Screen, trying to fit the rubber screen bolts proved a little bit of a problem and I ended up drilling the holes out to 8mm as they just would not push through. Then I found that I needed 10 fittings and there were only 8 in the pack, how crap is that. Just as well I had a few new ones left over from one of the other bikes. I ended up using different bolts and removing the old rubber washers as they looked a mess. There  is still a black plastic washer on each bolt to protect the screen.

Starting to look a little more like the "Trinity" we know and love
Once the front was on I fitted the carbon front and rear mudguards along with the carbon air intake cover. Pushing out the side mounting grommet as I tried to use a bolt which was far too short, so the whole nose had to come back off so I could remove the RAM Air box and shake out the grommet......... hey- ho! Still if I’m doing it, I’m doing it right.
After lunch I started to tidy up but could not resist the urge to make a quick video. It’s mad I know but I just want Ben to be able to look back at all this when he is 21 and smile knowing what his “Old Man” did whilst he was at school.

A walk around before lunch
Back in the garage I thought, “Why not” and slotted the rear fairing on then couldn’t stop and fitted the front fairing, “just to see!”  To get an idea as to what "Trinity" is going to look like. I’ve still not been able to take a photo that truly brings out how vividly pink the decals are. Still I’m sure I’ll suss it out sooner or later.

Once you start you just can't stop .......

Turning this ..............

 Into this, in 12 short months
 Happy 1st Birthday "Trinity"

So for now that is Trinity as sorted as I can get her, her new battery is all charged up, exhaust price in negotiation, bill to pay for the service, suspension to be set up at Kais once I’ve got her through the MOT, then who knows I may even get my tank & fairing infill’s back and be able to get the infill’s sprayed up black.

There were a couple of niggles, like “do I like the carbon mudguards?”, where has the brand new fairing fitting kit and lower fairing brace bar gone out of the garage? Sadly I finished the day a little gutted to think a couple of items have ‘gone missing’, but still it’ll teach me to be so trusting of total strangers in future.

On the plus side, Trinity is home and looking just fantastic and she’s nowhere near finished yet. Onwards and upwards as they say, onwards and upwards!

Welcome Home "Trinity"

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