Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Well they are working Jim "but not as we know it!"

Called Dream Machine, Daz was busy on the phone so left my number.

Had a mixed day today. Started off with a trip to  All Bikes in Rochdale for a relay which Scot did not have & so it was off to good old Halfords to pick up a cheap indicator relay, £4.35 and ended up buying a new battery, coolant, metal file and electrical connector cleaner. I then popped down to my old place of work Robinson's of Rochdale to pick up an Optimate connector and speak to Doz the mechanic. After a quick chat he agreed to lend me his Chain Riveter as long as I brought it straight back as he had a new chain to put on next.

First thing I did was try the rely. Nothing! Then as Doz needed the riveter back I sorted the chain which was a breeze. Back in the car and off back down to return the kit. Dorian your a star mate. Enjoy that pint on me.

Back in the garage it was off with the front end, lights, clocks & switch gear.

Oh the joys of finding a wiring problem!

I cleaned every connector, wire terminal & anything else that look remotely dirty. Disconnected, cleaned and reconnected all four indicators. The front right which was the rusty one got swapped for another I had lying about. Put it all back together. Switched her on........................................ Nothing!

I then had a mad idea, what if I turn the relay round so the pins go in at 9 Oclock & 12 O'clock as apposed to the 6 O'clock & 9 O'clock that they were in. Yeee Haaa it worked all be it, front left and back right but they worked. So I swapped the rear indicator connectors round and bingo we have indicators & both sides flash at the same speed.  I'm not 100% sure if this will cause any long term damage but they work so that will do till I find out differently. I popped the Optimate connector on and put the new battery away until I get Trinity running.

Lunch break and a quick update on both Remonkey ZX-7R & Manc Riders forums to ask if swapping the relay round is going to do any long term harm.

Daz called me back, "bad news is I'm sorry but we need your spare tank for the ZXR decal design, good news is we should be all finished by Friday next week". Top Banana! I'm bouncing at this point.

Postman turns up and there is a very small package for me from Doug at Trackdaytyres, it's the off cuts I had asked him if he had. Two perfect size Gold anodized squares of mesh.

Nothing better than a Freebie!
Doug you are an absolute star, thank you very much!

So it was out with the wire cutters and away I went. Love doing a bit of something else when I'm getting bogged down.

If only you could see how GOLD it looks!

A quick run round with the polish and a duster & that it for today. Sun is out and so am I on "The Beast" to drop off Trinity's seat at Tony Archers for re-covering.

RBLR Cheque Presentation on Saturday

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