Monday, 4 April 2011

Sometimes the Stuff just doesn't fit!

Well as far as first projects go I’ve been very lucky with only a two parts not fitting.The first was a set of four pot Tokico callipers from a P1. I bought these in February after taking advice on the ZX-7R Forum. Problem was the guy who advised me thought I had a P1. The mounting hole spacing’s are 90mm on the P1 whereas Trinity’s are 62mm.

I was really pleased with these but the bolt holes are 32mm too wide.
For sale at £80 the pair plus postage, email me at

The only other thing I have bought which do not fit is a set of R1 Gilles chain adjusters. I took a gamble when I got the measurements back from the guy selling them on ebay. They arrived on Friday and I fitted them straight away only to realise there too long.

They look amazing and the Titanium Nut just sets them off perfect.
Shame I havent' got a chain rivit press, yet another job to do!

Spot the difference. Yuck!

They look amazing but they are just 10mm too long and the axel bolt hole is way too large. Lucky again though, the gold anodized lock nut does fit so I’m happy with that as they alone cost in the region of £55.

So close and yet so far 10mm too long.
I could use them but that 10mm would bug me to death.

Just found this on Youtube and I will not be taking Trinity out till I have the right adjusters!

Trinity needs a set of adjusters 85mm long from front face to lock nuts, 45mm wide and with a hole 25mm diameter for the axel bolt. So I will be emailing Gilles to see if they make a set with these dimensions for any other bike.
Stupidly I had left one of the lower water hoses attached to Trinity’s original engine so chose to replace all them all with Samco Hoses in gloss black. As ever Samco produce full kits for everything except the L1-L3 models. Again after seeking advice on ZX-7R Forum I found out that the P1 – P6 hose set fits all be it for one of the hoses. I took the plunge and bought a set from RiceRocketUK on ebay. These arrived on Saturday morning and so I fitted them this morning. There is one hose missing as opposed to not fitting and it is the very lowest offside hose that is covered in the wire looping.


& after

& after take two.........

Still when fitted the hoses look very tidy. All I need to do now is buy a replacement connector pipe as the one I have is just covered in rust on the outside. Obviously the hoses had not been fitted correctly somewhere down the line. So the search starts for a 195mm long 25mm diameter tube. I’d love it to be Carbon Fibre but can only find one connector on the Samco web site.

Not what I expected to find but I'll get it sorted.

So a little bit more searching to be done now for the connector pipe and that will be the coolant system up and running.

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