Wednesday, 13 April 2011

It’s been a quite week but got a few things sorted.

Well I had an electrician mate of mine from the Manc Riders round to have a look at my indicator conundrum. I Could not believe it when he told me I’d fixed it and the previous owner had had the wiring plugged in the wrong way round! So all’s well that ends well.
I got the measurements I was after on Sunday from Roadburner from Redmonkey and they were bang on the same as mine, so the P1 –P6 has the same insert size as the L1 – L3.

I was so pleased when I saw this!
Cheers Roadburner.

So I dropped a quick order in for a set of Gilles Chain Adjusters to and whilst I was as at it I ordered a Double Bubble Screen. I received an email within hours to say they had no gold coloured adjusters & did I want black ones, but they could order them and it would be mid May before they were available.  A quick reply and the order my order was confirmed. Outstanding service from the off! I’m very happy and looking forward to the adjusters arriving.
I had a ride over to Rossendale Kawasaki to pick up the water tube & ended up buying an original ZXR750 L1 manual. Reading through I realised quite a bit of my wiring I had installed was in the wrong place so I spent today re- routing the wiring. It looks far better and I know it’s where it was when it came out of the factory.

That looks better, easy when you have the right manual.

Next job was to fit the water pipe and fill the coolant system which took 2.5 litres. The manual says it takes 2.8 litres so I will be topping it up once I’ve had the motor running.

I used a short section of Samco rather than the old black rubber sleeve.

Lastly I spent half an hour trying to paint the rear calliper with so called “Calliper Paint”. What a load of rubbish that was.  It took another half hour to clean it all off with thinners. It was like trying to paint with extra thick porridge and look atrocious! So the calliper is now all cleaned and ready for spraying as the thinners also cleaned off the silver spray used by the guy who refurbished them for me in the first place.

All set for spraying now.

I have managed to sell the Gilles chain adjusters to the guy I was bidding against thanks to the previous owner, so those will be coming off today.
So as it stands at the moment. Trinity’s bodywork and tanks are at Dream Machine and should be ready for collection at the end of the week. The rearsets are with Mark at RCD and I am awaiting an update email any time now. The fairing infills are all in the USA being fabricated in Carbon Fibre by Adam who stepped up when I posted on Redmonkey “Does anyone know a decent Carbon Fibre Fabricator willing to take on a one off job?” The P1 Gilles chain adjusters and double bubble screen will be here mid to end of May from I also have a few parts over at  Triple-S with Andy being coated black. So all things being equal, Trinity should be ready for a test start-up when I get the spare tank back and fitted.
I am going to have her checked over before I put any of the bodywork back on, get the engine serviced and carburettors balanced by a professional. I just cannot decide whether to take it to Rossendale Kawasaki or All Bikes in Rochdale. It would be nice to get another official Kawasaki Stamp in the owner’s manual but I know the mechanic at All Bikes will look after her like gold. Tough call!
As promised here are a couple of picture of the Rizoma in the day light.



Just right, not too much or too little.

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