Tuesday, 5 April 2011

And it was all going so well....................

Well thought I would keep today's post nice and simple and just do a walk around Trinity pointing out the stuff I've done so far.

So here is that very video.

Things were going really well then the indicators died!

I have no idea why they stopped working, I've looked at the connectors, the switch, the fuses. If I have to guess I think it will be the flasher relay that as called it a day but right now I'm a bit hacked off.

I did manage to get the water coolant pipe ordered yesterday form Rossendale Kawasaki so that should be here by the end of the week if not early next week. I have also had an interesting exchange of emails with Gilles reference buying a set of chain adjusters but they no longer make the KTS adjusters and never made a set to fit the L1 in the first place. Try as I might I could not get the dimensions of the ZXR P1-P6 adjusters so I still do not know if they are the same size. I know the ZX6 is the same size recess but has a curved swing arm end so would have the wrong clamp fitment, I think!

I also intend contacting Darren at Dream Machine for an update on the re-spary this week and see if I can get my spare tank back so I can get Trinity's motor running.

To finish on a more positive note. Mark at RCD dropped me an update email with a picture of the rearsets pre-anodizing.

Just imagine  these in Gold with Carbon Fibre kick plates.
At least these have cheered me up a bit.

I'm off now in search of a flasher relay unit & some Gilles chain adjusters that will fit.

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