Friday, 1 April 2011

All I can say is “What a difference a lunch break makes!”

Yesterday I cleaned the air-box by putting it through the dish washer to clear out all the sand along with the carburettor attachment rubbers. I greased up the new K&N Air filters edge, greased the freshly cleaned wire mesh insert and rebuilt the air-box. Last job was to put the K&N sticker on the air-box.
Having stayed up till 1 in the morning to bid on a set of Gilles Gold Anodized Chain Adjusters which I won I was in a really good if not slightly tired state when I started on Trinity. I just hope they will fit when they get here. They were being sold as 7 year old R1 adjusters that have never been used and come with a gold anodized spindle nut. Fingers crossed they will fit. I had the seller measured all the dimensions which were all correct but sadly he never measured the whole for the spindle. So it’s a nervous couple of days now untill they arrive.
I thought I would start with an easy job this morning, fitting the coolant overflow bottle. Simple, two bolts & two pipes, how hard can it be? Good question! After polishing 6 bolts as the first 4 were too long I then proceeded to run the filler pipe down to the carburettor coolant pipe filter? To make matters worse I cut 25cm off the pipe so it was the right length, why? I have no idea!

I now need to buy a length of hose to replace the lower one.

Next I thought I would fit the air-box, only to find three pipes unattached and no petrol supply to the carburettors. Trying to push the air-box onto the carburettors was getting me no where so I sacked it and but the box back on the shelf.
Try as I might there was only one job I had to do, fit the braided hoses but first I had to see where the petrol supply to the carburettors ran. For some odd reason I had attached the main petrol supply from the pump back to the petrol switch??? What is going on in my head at times I have no idea.
After a good fifteen minutes of faffing about I was still none the wiser as to where the damn pipe was supposed to go so it was back to my mate “Haynes” for yet another scour of the pictures and exploded diagrams that mean ”bo diddly squat” to me most of the time. It was just about now that I had a horrible gut feeling that I just do not have the knowledge to be able to rebuild trinity.

I just had a mental blank at this point & could not remember where the pipes went.

I decided to tighten up the rear brake calliper bolts and re attach the calliper to the bracket to see what it looks like. Nope it’s got to be a gold colour or black but gold will be best.  That’s yet another job to do.
Just then Jeannie came in to say lunch was on the table so I took a couple of pictures of the offending pipes and went in for a bit to eat.
Half an hour later, lunch done and dusted I had a look at a really blurred close up picture I had taken back in November and there is was the Grey lined pipe straight down the centre of the carburettors. There was also a black pipe running down the right hand side which made me realise the pipe I had attached to the filter was in totally the wrong palce.

Straight back into the garage I realised the grey lined pipe should be down the centre as per the picture and plugged into the centre breather pipe. Done! The two carburettor end pipes fitted to the corresponding water pipes on the sides of the engine. Done! That’s it I thought everything is in place so I put the air-box on and leaned on it with my full body weight and it just slid on. Fastened the front fastening nut and plugged in the four pipes. Job Done! What had this morning taken me to an all time low had now set me up for a great afternoons work.

It took me almost 45 minutes to sus out how to get the petrol to the  carburettor.

Opening the Goodridge box of hoses put me back in my place. The clutch hose was fine as it was in its own bag. The other three were all together. Half an hour later and the front brakes and clutch hoses were all attached. I must admit it took three attempts to get the brake hoses in the right place. They look great!

Once the front mudguard is on and the hoses clipped in place,
they will look just amazing.

A couple more pictures of the work done so far and I was away.

I like Trinity from this angle.

Air-box fitted and looking smart.

So much so that I thought I would risk it and start filling the clutch hose. After an hour and a half the clutch was sorted. Next I fitted the Ram-air box after polishing 4 more bolts as the first two were just too short.

Things are coming together really well now.
I just need those chain adjusters, ASAP!

The biggest mistake of the day was to start and fill the front brake system with only an hour to heading out for a meeting at 1900 hours.
Things were just not happening.  Try as I might the dammed brakes just spat fluid out all over the garage floor from the opposite side. I thought I had tightened the other side up but no and there was a great puddle of brake fluid to prove it.
Annoyed with myself for falling into the “just another job” trap, I covered Trinity up with half a job done. Cooked some rice for the little ones tea’s and went to fetch Ben from the park.  
Of to our meeting and back watching a rerun of Benidorme on TV I went into the garage to fetch a beer. “I wonder?” I thought to myself, so at 2130 I set about bleeding the brakes again. After massing about for almost 45 minutes I decided to clean and put the old bleed nipples back in the callipers. Within another hour the brakes were done and dusted. Bleeding the master cylinders last was a so easy and my word do they feel sharp. So after a quick tidy up it was 2300 hours. Finished another job though and really pleased with what I have achieved today.
Last job of the night was to stick Trinity’s battery on charge. I’ve already hooked it up and all the dash lights come up and the flash worked on the main beam but no indicators or lights just at the minute. That’s a job for another day. I could just do with the tank back now to see if I can get her running.

Last shot of the day.......... well I thought it was!

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