Thursday, 24 March 2011

Trinity saw the light of day today for the first time since November.

Well today started with me re-routing the ignition cable between the engine and the frame after seeing Steve’s bike yesterday. I had run the wiring through the right hand side hole in the frame which I now know was totally wrong.
I felt at a bit of a loss today as to what to do next. No idea why, just one of those days I suppose. So I removed the old exhaust seals ready for putting in the new ones. Next I swapped the right hand switch gear back so it now has a lug which will stop the switches spinning round when used. I still need to drill the clipon’s but I’m waiting untill I have the grips so I know where to position the hole.
Other small jobs included, removing the top yoke and loosening the stoppers so I can get a better lock to lock movement. I’d measured Steve’s lock to lock yesterday and realised mine was set far too close causing the bars to have very restricted movement.
Next I replaced the centre bolt with a slightly longer polished stainless steel one. I also fitted the lights, connected and disconnected the light wiring loom till I had it routed just right for me. Lo & behold I had no pictures of where the wiring ran so it was all trial and error.
I removed the chain tensioner bolts using an old rear wheel bolt to hold the wheel in place. I also took time out to measure the spacing’s so I can try and buy a set of gold anodized Gilles chain tensioners.  The top to bottom gap is 45mm the hole is 25mm the length is 85mm. With these measurements I should be able to find a set that will fit Trinity.

The EK Motorcycle Chain came from Kias along with the rear sproket.

I put the new chain on but now realise I cannot finish the job because I do not have a chain riveter. So I’ll try and loan one or it will stay that way till I take her to the garage for the once over before I even think about the fairings back on. Not that I have them yet.
Next I thought I’d put the headers on which I bought through ebay from Sandy Bike Spares Ltd. They fitted like a glove and took next to no time at all to bolt on.

The headers went on without any problems at all.
Sadly the same cannot be said for the radiator. Finding I’m two sections of pipe missing as really hacked me off. I thought everything was where I needed it to be, obviously not. I think the missing pipes may be still attached the original engine so will give the guy a call who bought it and see if he will send me them. Failing that I’ll go with a full set of Samco’s. Trouble being they do not list the L models and the P models where different. Who would have guessed those three years when the L 1, L2 & L3 where in production so few after market parts are available.

At last a picture in which you can see the gold radiator cover.

Once the radiator was on I went round and tided up the wiring up front and around the thermostat with a few cable ties.So all in all everything went along quite smoothly baring the chain & missing pipes.
I took Trinity onto the drive to show her the light of day, first time since November last year. The pictures came out really well and I’m pleased with how things are going.

The frame looks almost black at this angle.

The shelves are starting to look very bare and one thing I did forget to mention, I opened the last envelope of bolts today when I fitted the headlights.

In fitting the Brembos masters I now have three wires to go into two
on the clutch side!

Looking at the engine now I will be putting the air-box back on once the new K&N arrives (note to self - buy one!). I still need to order the Rizoma Grips and bar ends & I’m still unsure as to if I want the Rizoma reservoirs, I'll come back to that nearer the the time.

Next thing to be fitted will be the air box.

The water overflow bottle is nice and clean now after going through the dishwasher twice. I may try this trick with the Ram Air Box before refitting it.
I dare not write a list of jobs to do, as it would go on forever and spoil my “all over the shop” approach to the rebuild.
The next big job is the fitting of the braided hoses. This is the second job I’m not 100% happy about but if the wiring loom is anything to go by I just need to take my time, have plenty of breaks, look at the Haynes & have fun.
The sense of achievement on completing each job each day is brilliant. I would defiantly recommend it to anyone who is toying with the idea. If you have the space, time & of course the money it is a fantastic feeling knowing “I did that”!

End of day picture number one!

& number two.

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