Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The long awaited Re-Build Begins

Ben grabbed the camera and I put on the overalls ready to make a start on Trinity's Re-Build.

First it was a good look through the Haynes, laying out all the bolts, nuts, spacers and grease. Then I draged the new engine into the middle of the garage and lowered the frame onto it. Checked I had the bolts and spacers all in the right places ready to start.

Fitting the screw in spacers was a pain due to the amount of Powder Coating on the threads but after a rub down with the wet and dry & in one case running the Stanley knife round the thread all four spacers screwed in.

Again I Lowered the frame onto the motor and Ben slid all 6 bolts through once correctly aligned, remembering to add the alloy spacer to the rear upper mounting bolt.

It took Ben & I about 45 minutes to bolt the engine back into Trinity's frame.

Ben then made a video of me fitting the Triple Clamp Yokes which did not got to plan due to me fitting the grease seal upside down.

Ben back in Movie Maker mode. Shame I made a mess of the bearing seal fitment.

Once the yoke was fitted I bolted on the swing arm and used the hoist to mount the frame on the ABBA and head stock stands.

The engine alignment looks spot on.

It is now possible to work on Trinity any free time I have without worrying about access.

Once the forks were in it is obvious the decision to go Black was spot on. Well chuffed.

Very tidy indeed.

What a difference.

The workmanship in the clipons is outstading, very "Tick"

As everything was running so smoothly I decided to crack on for another hour once Ben had gone to bed & get the rear shock fitted.

To say that Ohlins is 10 years old it looks like new.

The polishing is just about right, not too much and not too little.
Can't wit to collect the Gold Anodized Torsion Bars from Martin.

"And that folks is that, for tonight"

All in all I am really pleased with our first 4 hour stint on Trinity's re-build. I will have another look at all the fixings late on tomorrow but for now the general quality of the job looks good.

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