Monday, 14 March 2011

Right Trinity's in bits so what now?

Mid December and I've stripped my first ever bike into 100's of pieces.

The plan, get the frame and brackets (all 28 of them) powder coated black.
Have the wheels resprayed same colour purple, fit new tyres.
Clean up the engine, clean up the Ohlins rear shock, replace the broken fairings, selling off all surplus kit as I go along. Fit Stubbie Pazzo's, New Stainless Headers, Wavy Disc's & put her back together. Simple!

In my Dreams!

Getting the frame & brackets powder coated black was not a problem, well it would not have been if I had stuck to Plan A. Mark a Vanden Powder Coatings Ltd. 79 Manchester Road Westhoughton Bolton Lancashire BL5 3QD quoted me £120 for the lot which was a great price so off I pootled in the van to drop the lot off.  28 assorted brackets, Frame and Swingarm. All bearings removed by yours truly.

So I dropped this lot off & asked if they could colour match the wheel
"No" was the reply so I drove away with the wheels.

I called in to speak to Scott at Allbikes in Rochdale to see if he could point me in the right direction to get the wheels powder coated. "There's only one place to take them, Triple-S in Bingley" was his reply.

A quick search on the net flagged them up, followed up by a call and I made arrangements to drop the wheels off the following morning.

Arriving bright and early I met Andy for the first time, what a star. They could not match the colour but showed me a sample of a deep Metallic Purple on his display board. Perfect I thought, "you know what could you do the frame,sub-frame and swing arm too?" "Not a problem" I called Mark at Vandems there and then "Have you done the frame and swing arm yet Mark?" No came the reply. "Don't I'm on my way to collect them" and off I popped to fetch them. Grinning from ear to ear.

I collected the brackets a couple of days later and was charged £90

It took Andy a couple of weeks to powder coat the frame, sub-frame, swing arm, front fairing bracket & the rear brake torsion bar.

My Christmas Present to myself what a Fantastic finish.

It looks a different colour every time I look at it.

That was it! The flood gates opened and Trinity just took on a life of her own. Next I was off to Kais in Atherton to get the rear Ohlins Shock refurbished as it had been fitted years ago and was looking very sad.

Not any more. It looks like new thanks to Nick.

For some strange reason I chose to sell all the broken panels from Trinity and found to my shock that buying new ones would cost me over £2000. £580 plus vat for the nose cone alone. So it was back to trusty old to source a  bike with good pannels. £900 later I had the lot on a ZXR750 L2 with L3 pannels.

I removed every fairing panel, the tank, forks and wheels.
Sorry Micheal for destroying your pride and joy.

Since the panels were all the wrong colour schema for the Trinity I contacted Dream Machine in Long Eaton and got the ball rolling mid way through January as it is a three month job to get them sprayed.

All panels were lovingly bubble wrapped ready for the drive down.

I then spent an hour and a half with Darren getting every panel labled up ready for spraying.
You would be supprised at the number of changes in the paint design from L1 to L3

The black bike was re-assembled using spare parts from Trinity and another L3 which I bought just to strip and sell, as I was having a ball. Sadly after listing fees and final sale commission I only mad £100 but it was fun at the time. In the end the full fairing, tank, forks and wheels did not cost me a penny. Just as well as the respray is costing mega bucks.

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