Monday, 14 March 2011

Honey I'm Home! Trinity's back & we're ready to commence the Re-Build.

Well it’s now 1700 hours on Monday the 14th of March and at last the Blog is bang up to date. Playing catch up the last few days to bring Trinity from November to today has been fun but I’m glad we’re running in real time now.
Driving over to Atherton today in the van I was grinning like a “Big Kid” knowing I was getting Trinity back.  On the way I was still a little nervous about the forks but “hey it’s too late now their done!” I told myself.
Walking into the shop George has a great big smile on his face knowing full well why I’m there. After a quick “Hello Ray” he vanishes into the workshop reappearing with the swing arm, next it’s the frame, bearings all fitted & finally they appear. The Forks. “Oh my God, they look brilliant” I can’t believe the transformation.

Trinity arrives home in the back of the van, I'm taking no chances with metal on metal.

From this.....

To this, I am absolutely over the moon with the quality of the workmanship & the finish.

Nick took time out to polish the adjusters and get the caps anodized to match, Outstanding!

Side by side the difference stands out a mile.

Just no comparison. I love em, the forks that is not the guys.

A massive Thank You to the team at Kais.
Nick, George and Johnny. Outstanding work lads well done.

So Trinity is finally back home. Ben & I can get on with the re-build. 

So let the work Commence.

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