Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Not a bad day all in all.

Thought I'd spend a couple of hours this afternoon on the rebuild.

At least I can move her around now without stuggling.
The abba stand is great and remains attached at all times.

First job was to clean off all the dust that had settled from polishing the bolts yesterday. Then it was on with the front wheel, followed by the six pot callipers, rear wheel, brake & clutch levers, carburettors and finally the sub frame

Taking my time to carefully line up the notch on the speedo drive with the recess in the fork leg ends as I've seen a couple of split drives of late where it was not aligned correctly.

Fitting the callipers was very easy; the bush/spacer's fitted like a glove. I found sliding the calliper onto the disc at the bottom then sliding them around the disc worked perfectly and prevented any marking of the wheel rim. I used the clap bolts from the old brakes as  the six pots are M8 not M10, they fitted perfectly.

Looking a lot tidier.

Sadly the Titanium Pinch bolts are about .3mm too large around the head so will not fit in the recess. I will look into grinding them down a little but not 100% sure how to go about this as yet. So it's back to the Stainless Steel bolts for now.

The rear wheel took a little effort to fit as the slot where the bolt goes through is tight due to the powder coated surfaces. Once through the wheel sat very tidy but the adjuster bolts will have to be removed as I forgot to take them out when I had the frame coated and so they are purple!

All I can see in this picture are the weights on the wheel
(note to self, paint the weights).

Once both wheels were in the next thing I wanted to have a look at was the clutch and brake lever fitment. The bars had to be lengthened by 10mm so the wiring did not foul the brake banjos. Once attached I realised a whole will have to be drilled in the bar for the lug to fit into to prevent the electrical switches from turning round. Unfortunately the lug on the right has been broken off in the past so needs looking at. Whilst working at the front I decided to fit the bracket that the lights and nose fairing bolt to.

Starting to get a little cluttered.

From up top the yokes look great.
I love the way the reservoirs line up with the forks.

Last of all I attached the carburettors after fitting new link pipes along the bottom of the bowls. The throttle cables went on a breeze once disconnected from the throttle. Lastly I fitted the rear sub-frame so I have somewhere to tuck the Ohlins reservoir.

So far so good.

Fitting the petrol pump and the wiring loom is my next job. Once I've had a look in the Haynes and got my head round fitting the coils and piping above the engine I'll get that fitted too.

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