Friday, 11 March 2011

"Trinity"...........In the beginning there was just a Kawasaki ZXR750 L1 1993

Why "Trinity"?

Why an 18 year old Kawasaki ZXR750 L1?

The first answer is easy. Have you seeen the film "The Matrix" then you now know who the bike is named after. Trinity is just amazing on that Ducati 996. So that's how she got her name "Trinity".

Why buy an 18 year old Kawasaki ZXR750 L1 is even more simple. I bought a brand new one back in 1993 whilst I was based in Germany and loved every minute of owning her. She was just amazing! Fast did not even come close, that thing flew, the road holding was not for the faint hearted but once you learned to trust her she just did the rest. Corners were a dream but God help you if you didn't commit 100% because she would bite your ass and spit you off in the blink of an eye.

I have very fond memories of blasting around Europe. Riding back and forward from Germany to England or more precise Rinteln to Chesterfield. With nothing more than the leathers I stood up in, wallet, passport, and a small rucksack with jeans, Fred Perry, socks, grollies & Gazelle's in.  Who gave a damn about AA cover, puncture repair kit & on & on. Just throw your kit in your "ruckie" fill her up and hope there would be a ferry waiting at Callais. Oh to be 30 again!

Well that pritty much sum's up most things.

So after trawling ebay for months on end & looking at numerous "Shed's" late in October 2010 "Trinity" appeared. A 1993 Kawasaki ZXR 750 L1 with 18,564 miles on the clock for £1,200 advertised as mint. After an email negotiartion we settled on £1000. So I got up at 1.00am in the morning to drive down from Rochdale to Bournmouth on the south coast arriving at 6.00am . I called the owner and picked her up at 7.00am

A quick scan of Trinity made me cringe, bearing in mind the last one I looked at had just rolled off the production line. The forks were pitted, the brakes binding, battery flat and every pannel on the bike was cracked or scratched all bar the off side front fairing. What had I bought.

A true project in every sence of the word & so "Trinity" was born!

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