Monday, 14 March 2011

9+12 = 21 18+12 = 30 Now that’s what I call a Great 21st Birthday Present.

Strange how things just pop into your head when you’re doing stuff.  I was working through the paper work and receipts putting the history of Trinity into chronological order and it occurred to me that my son Ben would be 21 at exactly the same time as Trinity would be celebrating her 30th birthday.
Now that in my book is “Fate”!
So from that moment on Ben knew that Trinity would be his 21st Birthday Present from his Daft Old Dad.
Meanwhile back on the net and in the garage the work continued.
I ordered a full set of Swingarm, header and wheel bearings from Scott at Allbikes in Rochdale
Looking at the front yoke I started to think how I could clean it up as it was so pitted with being close to the sea front in Bournemouth for the last couple of years. When I came across a posting on the Redmonkey ZX-7R Forum where I get loads of tips and advice from. There was a set of Gold Anodized Triple Clamp Yoke on US ebay.

I bought them there and then along with a set of Clipons.
Dan shipped them the same day as I ordered them.

Ben had a ball videoing me unwrapping them on there arrival.

Dan later told me he was very nervous when he saw the box sat on the table unopened but loved Bens reaction when I took the yoke out of the box. The video is worth watching just to hear Ben.

Once the bearings arrived I fitted the wheel bearings easily, popping them in the freezer for a couple of hours and bringing the wheels into the kitchen to warm through. Then I fitted the wavy disc and took them down to Allbikes to get them shod with a set of Continental Road Attack 2’s

Ben is turning into quite the “Film Maker”

One happy young man.

Martin from the ZX-7R Forum offered to help me press the rest of the bearings into the frame but I felt nervous and declined his kind offer. Opting instead to take them down to Allbike who sadly could not press them in as they apparently did not have the correct size pressing equipment. So it was back off to Kais.
I took the forks with me and asked that when they were stripped down to post the fork leg ends over to Andy at Triple-S so they could be powder coated the same colour as the frame. I also asked that the station covers be anodized black, I’m just hoping this is not going to back fire when I pick them up later today.
With Trinity now either at Kais, Triple-S or Allbikes & the other two bike now sold, I set about the other parts.
First I sourced an engine with 5000 miles on the clock down in Wales so it was into the van and off to Wales to collect it along with the carburettors and the original clock.

It looks in great condition from the outside. I just hope it runs as well as I hope.

The brakes I had refurbished but when they came back from London I was not happy with the finish or the look of them.  So I got to work and found a set of GSXR 1000 Six Pot Tokico’s

I'm just not happy with the finish.

So it's an upgrade to these very nice Six Pot Tokico's.

With the breaks sorted, spacers bought, Carbon Finish Goodridge Hoses all sat in the garage it was time to set about fitting the Stubbie Pazzo’s. I've have had Stubbie Pazzo’s on my last 6 bikes so it was a no brainer.

The brake levers went from this....

To this......

To this.....

Finally to these fantastic set of Carbon splashed, micro switched, Stubbie Pazzo fitted Brembo's
From a Ducati 1098. I think they look amazing.

Andy took a couple of weeks to turn the fork leg ends round and what a transformation.

Paying cash on collection (via a trip to the cash machine as i had not got a penny on  me) I picked them up on the bike and fired them back over to Kais for the re-build of the fork. Sadly there was a delay as the anodizing had not taken first time and there were three bearings missing for the lower linkage in the swing arm.
The work carried on regardless, cleaning up the radiator and repainting it made it look a little better.

Looking its age and needing a little TLC

Which it got in the form of a full rub down and re-spray

Looking well with the Gold Anodized Grill from Doug at TrackdayTyres.

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