Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Well it’s time to take stock of where I’m up to with Trinity.

I spent 5 hours yesterday reorganising the garage to make room for the safe storage of Trinity once she is fully built. Last thing I want is her getting knocked by van doors and the like. So I unloaded all the racking system, split it up and re loaded it.
I didn’t realise just how many spare parts I have accrued from the other two bikes. So spent a little time creating a list and posting on ZX-7R Forum Redmonkey
So to summarise I got  Trinity's frame, swing arm & forks back from Kais on Monday 14th March & set about the rebuild.

From the bench......

Engine, swingarm & Yoke........

To forks, wheels, subframe & clip-ons.....

Finally the wiring loom, subframe, induction pipe work & clocks.

Not bad in a week but now I need to keep up the quality.

Other things that are going on in the background include the buying of parts, two of which I am having made as "One of Projects".
The first project to get going is the fabrication of Gold Anordized Rearsets which Mark at RCD-Tec has been working on now for a good couple of weeks. After an exchange of emails I posted the original rearsets off to Mark who used them to produce & design a set of rearsets for Trinity.  The pictures are of the right hand side, the chamfer is missing of the lever but this makes it easier for him when he is take dimensions off the computer, the spacers, excocentric adjuster and spring adjuster will be in black,

If this is anything to go by I'll be over the moon with the finished item.

I have chosen to go down the Carbon Fibre route, even though there was non around in 1993 but I just love the  look and style of it. To this end I have already bought a number of parts including Frame Protectors which I bought from German ebay but forgot to photograh.

I bought this set of secondhand Mudguard & Hugger from John,
Thank you John for taking them off your bike before selling it, your a star.

I bought these 1098 Reservoir mounting brackets from the US but got stung for import tax

Lastly the Air Induction cover which I thought was part of a pair but wasn't!

So the final part of the Carbon Fibre story starts here with the help of a US based CF Fabricator called Adam. More to follow on this in due course. Needless to say Trinity is going to look outstanding by the end of this CF Fabrication Project.

Well it's off back into the garage this afternoon to do a  little more but first there's a little matter of some Rizoma Parts to be orded.

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