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Trinity's History

Trinity was first registered on 15th April 1993, sold to Martin P by R.A Wilson Motorcycles of Boston in Lincolnshire. Trinity was originally put on a private J registration plate with the owner’s initials MTP making up the rest.

Pre-Delivery Inspection was completed by R. A. Wilson’s with the first service being completed at 580 miles followed another in the October the same year with just 2951 miles on the clock.

The second owner Andrew G of Saffron Walden in Essex took over ownership in May 1994 so I presume the registration changed to its current K registration number at this time.

One further service book stamp shows a service was completed at John Pease Motorcycles in Braintree Essex in May of 94 with 4846 miles, average usage being just 373 miles a month. Not bad to say I did twice that this weekend! Sadly that is where the original Service Record Book stops.

Luckily she came with almost every single MOT certificate showing that Trinity’s use decreased significantly between 1996 & 2008 under the ownership of Paul H.

The first MOT dated 27th March 1996 shows the millage at 11854, 1997 – 13679, 1998 – 14067, 1999 – 14241, 2000 – 14543, 2001 – 14673, 2002 – 14800, 2003 is missing so may have been SORN but the 2004 MOT shows mileage at 14908, 2005 – 14978, Seven of these MOT’s where carried out as the same Vehicle Testing Station, Continental Motorcycles, Goldsworth Road of Woking in Surrey which later became Woking Yamaha Centre.

Again there is a gap in the MOT Test Certificates from March 2006 until 2008 when Trinity passed the MOT in May 2008 with 15250 miles on the clock at Fletcher Auto’s still in Woking at this time. I spoke to Kevin Fletcher the owner who remembered both Trinity and Paul who was a 6 foot 4 gentleman. Kevin was able to tell that Trinity had needed a replacement alternator which Paul brought in for them to fit along with a new battery as the bike was stood so long the alternator had burnt out trying to charge it the useless battery.

Shortly after this MOT and service Trinity was bought by someone who I cannot trace but one who could have only owned her for a very short time. There are no receipts or invoices for this period of 6 – 12 months.

Simon T of Salisbury then bought and sold her within 6 months to John M in 2009 with 17507 miles on the clock. Her last took place in May 2010 when Trinity had covered just 18476 miles. I bought her in November 2010 from John M with 18564 miles on showing John M had covered a mere 88 miles in 7 months but who had managed to be knocked off whilst sat a waiting to turn right at a junction. The driver drove straight into him as they set off from the junction. Trinity’s fairings were all broken in the accident which normally would result in a total write-off however John M “did a deal” with the insurance to prevent her from being written off.

Taking a closer look at the receipts I have it is clear that Trinity has had her ups & downs in the last couple of years with an MOT failure and a near scrap experience. In 2009 the rear roller brake test showed slight fluctuation in brake effort, rear suspension bush has slight play & alloy brake hose fittings fitted. Then in 2010 she failed the MOT due to rear suspension bearing having excess free play. The problems were spotted whilst Trinity was going through the MOT at Dynomite Performance Motorcycles, Boscombe in Bournemouth. It’s reassuring to know the work was completed as I bought Trinity with a valid MOT which runs until 29th May 2011.

To my surprise she came complete with a beautiful Ohlins Rear Shock absorber which was bought in May 1995 with 9666 miles on the clock. It was fitted by MSS Motorcycles of Chelmsford in Essex for the princely sum of £378.51. Fitting costs were £50 for Labour, oh to bring back the 90’s total bill £507.61

To buy the same unit today would cost £865 plus VAT at 20% plus labour at £50 an hour if you are lucky. I paid almost its original value to have the unit fully re-built by Kais in Atherton in Lancashire but worth every penny.

1996 Saw the bike Datatag’ed by Paul H and this was later transferred to Simon T in 2008 when he bought her.

Other bits and bats fitted included a K&N Air filter £29.99 & a Remus Carbon Road Can costing £85 in November 2008 bought at Motorpike (spelt right) Ltd Loughborough in Leicestershire even though the owner at that time Simon lived in Salisbury, Wiltshire.

There are 7 former keepers on the log book all of which I intend tracing and contacting re Trinity’s Re-build. At this time one name is missing but I have made a number of phone calls to MOT testing stations and numbers on invoices to trace all the owners in order to get a photo of them all for this document. Sadly to date none have been in touch! Another pipe dream shattered.

The owners to date were:-

1) Martin T. P of Old Harlow – 1993 (From New)

2) Andrew G of Saffor Waldren – 1994 (4846 miles)

3) Neil V of Wickford – 1995 (9666 miles) spoke to lady who bought house from Neil, her husband may know where he is & will call me if he does

4) Paul H of Farnborough – 1996 to 2008 (11854 to 15250 miles) spoke to Mick at garage he worked at who will try and contact Paul - Update I now have Paul's number & will contact him soon.

5) ? – 2008

6) Simon T of Salisbury - Oct 2008 (15500 miles)

7) John M of Bournmouth – Dec 2008 (17507 miles)

8) Me! – Nov 1010 (18564 miles)

And that folks as they say is that!

To be continued........................................................

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