Thursday, 14 April 2011

I met a really nice chap called Ian yesterday

Ian at Colour Anodising Ltd turned out to be a star today when he took on the job of anodising the torsion bars. After calling in at Anochrome Finishing in Heywood who informed me they could not anodize the bars the colour I was after but to try Colour Anodising in Ratcliffe. He told me they are very expensive charging £80 upwards per job as they are a massive company. How wrong could he have been?

I pulled over, did a search on Google on the old iPhone, got the number and gave them a call. I was put through to Ian who I explained what I was after, taking the very light gold coloured bars down to a deeper, richer gold colour. His reply cheered me up no end. “Yes we should be able to do that as we have a KTM Orange which we colour the Renthal sprockets with”. Woow.... KT, Renthal, how much is this going to cost me I thought to myself.

I headed straight to Ratcliffe from Heywood. Ian came down to the small reception area where I showed him the torsion bars that Martin Archer had made me and the bracket which Dan had sent me from the US to go with the Triple claps.

“I’m sure we can sort those out no problem at all. Can you leave the bracket with me?”
“Yes, not a problem at all!”
“I go on holiday Friday”
“So do I”
“We will have them done by then and we finish at 3 on a Friday so give me a call”
“That’s fantastic, thank you very much, how much will I they be”
“Don’t worry about it......................... see you Friday
“That’s brilliant thank you very much indeed”

Roll on Friday.........................

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