Saturday, 16 April 2011

The work continues...................

Well after having another ride to make sure “The Beast” was OK, it was straight back into the garage to fit the freshly powder coated brackets that I had picked up earlier that day(Thursday).

Andy has done another blinding job at Triple S on the fuse box bracket, side stand bracket, front seat cross member and the rear foot pegs and hangers.

From this.........

To this in one easy move, powder coating.

I spotted a little rust on the bracket so it had to be sorted. 
Call me obsessive if you must but it's either right or it's off!

I may get the foot pegs done in gold at a later date, jury's out still.

They all went on very easily, the biggest job was finding somewhere to mount the Ohlins cylinder on the back end. I tried it outside the nearside peg, inside the nearside peg but finally it sat most comfortably inside the offside peg. So that is where it is at the moment, fixed with a couple of cable ties until I’m 100% happy with the location. Once I’ve been to Kais to get the suspension set up correctly for me, then I’ll use a couple of metal circular clips to fix it in place.

So there she is until I refit the rear hugger that is.

So with the Easter Break almost here it’s again time to wait for the body work which includes the spare tank! Once that is back the all important test can happen, starting Trinity Up for the first time with her new engine. How nervous am I about that? Especially as I’ve assured Lefty from the Manc Riders that I will make a video of the very first attempt. Why I’ve agreed to that I have no idea!

Friday was a brilliant day as I contacted Ian at Colour Anodizing and arranged to collect the “Gold” torsion bars that I had left with him on Wednesday afternoon. Now how is that for amazing service, not even 48 hours. When I got to Ratcliffe I was blown away with just how perfect a match Ian had been able to achieve. The bars are exactly the same colour as the fork yokes. Ian told me they had been done twice as the KTM Orange was just not right but the finished items look amazing.

New & old together.
Martin Archer your kit is sport on, thank you.

So back under Trinity and the bars were fitted in 15 minutes flat. The only problem I have created is the bolts are now about 5mm too short as the new bars are not recessed around the bolt holes like the originals but that’s no biggie. I will sort that out after Easter.

Just wish I had replaced that lower suspension bracket now! 

Now that look spot on in my book.
It's the little things that make the biggest impact don't you think?

Ian your an absolute gentleman, thank you very much indeed. Only problem you may have now is, I know where you are when I need more anodizing doing. I promise not to bug you though, honest!

Last job to do before the break is to collect Trinity’s seat from Tony Archers, that’s if he ever answers his phone. I know a busy man doesn’t have time to be on the phone all day. Hopefully I will get over there today with Ben on “The Beast”. If not it will have to wait.

To finish on an even higher note, Mark from RCD dropped me an email last night to say the rearsets are now finished and ready for posting. I’ve arranged to collect them when I call down to pick up the body work from Dan at Dream Machine as the two offices are very close. That’s if I can stop myself from rushing down there and collecting them sooner which may well happen after Easter!

So here are the pictures Mark sent me. I think they look the business and are a perfect colour match yet again.


I want collect & fit them............... NOW!
Fantastic workmanship Mark, thank you for taking the project on.

Have a great Easter everyone and I’ll update you all as soon as I have the bodywork, seat & rearsets back in the garage and ready for continuing with ........... “Trinity’s Resurrection”.

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