Thursday, 14 April 2011

Well what a day................My turn to get walloped!

I’ve just been over to Triple S in Bingley to collect the last few bits of powder coating. I went through Todmorden, Howarth & the back way into Bingley no problem’s at all.

Coming back I thought I would nip back down the M606 & M62. Riding at 10 miles an hour down the outside of standing traffic in Bradford & there’s the nose of a Silver Vauxhall Corsa pocking out. He’s waiting to turn right but no one is letting him out into the oncoming traffic.

Smart white shirt, black tie 26/30 Asian gentleman, wife at the side with young 4 year old in child seat behind him. (All ages are guess work but gives you an idea of how long I’m stood there). He looks at me so I nod to indicate I’m going to pull round him. Pulling over as far as I can from his front end and close to the oncoming traffic that was just continues school run stream of cars.

When half way past I hear his engine go full tiltin my left ear,

“Shit, he’s going to pull out” BANG!

Back end steps out sideways as I’ve already wound the power on to get out the way so she flicks back straight. The car at the right hand side of me boots it the car following stops dead and there’s a gap behind it so that’s where I go.

Stopping with my right foot on the pavement facing the still oncoming traffic! Straight down with the side stand that cuts the engine, IO first look down at the exhaust covered in silver paint from cente stand to the end, looking up I see the culprit pull right into the middle of the road and “feck me” if he doesn’t wheel spin away down the centre of the traffic. Un- believable! Gone!

A lady with her little one looks at me all worried and I just popped my lid up and gave her a nod.

I had a good look at the bike and though if Ben had been on the back he would have had a broken leg.

Well lesson learned, don’t expect folks to understand what you’re thinking even though there is nowhere for them to go.

At least “The Beast” is OK & the powder coated parts look amazing again. Thanks Andy & yes I will call over once Trinity is all done and dusted so you can take a peek.

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  1. Just had a good look and it turns out "THe Beast" is not OK...... I've got a hole in the Carbon Fibre exahust on the inside where its hit the drive shaft bolt. GUTTED!!!