Friday, 8 April 2011

Mmmmm Nice! Very nice indeed........ Rizoma

Well the Rizoma handle bar grips and bar ends arrived yesterday from More Speed Racing, saving me a call to see where they were.
I was going to leave them off until after Trinity had been inspected by the mechanic at All Bikes but you know how it is................. NA! They just looked so good sat there in the posh foam lined box so I just had to get them fitted at 8.00 O’clock last night.
My first job then was to measure the length of the grips and mark where the holes had to go in the handlebars for the lugs to fit in. I chose to start on the clutch side for ease. Starting with a 1.5mm drill I marked the bars to get a good pilot hole, moved up to a 4.5mm and finally bored it out to 5.5mm. Re fitted the choke and wiring took no time at all as I’ve done it so often now. The left grip is held on by two small allan key lugs which takes just a minute to do. The end cap of the bar ends screw off to reveal the allan bolt which I found to be 5mm too short as I could just not get the rubber bung to grip and compress once I had fitted the washer inside the bar end. I used an allan key and rubber hammer and placing the two arrow shaped spacers onto the bolt, the second one being threaded I tightened the bolt as far as I could without it compressing. I warmed the rubber spacer up under the hot tap which really helped. I then pressed the rubber spacer into the bar end with another round ended allan key, finally tapping the allan key sat in the bolt with the mallet, slowly sliding the whole thing into the bar. Finally, tightening the bolt until the bar end stayed in place and did not spin round.
The other side took less time but was a bit of a pain as after drilling the hole I struggled keeping the throttle cables in place. Luckily for me I have my trusty mechanics mate called Ben. Who is always up for helping his old man especially when it keeps him out of bed for another half hour.
So with Ben holding the cables in place I re-fitted the back casing and we were in business or so I thought. I had forgotten to turn the grip to line up with the other side, so had to split the whole thing again, slide the grip out of the cable grip turn it and re-do all the above again! Our timing was perfect as Ben’s “stay out of bed pass” had just run out.
Anyway the rest went together really well. I used two very large washers as spacers when bolting the bar end on so as not to foul the twist grip and well folks that was that.


I will take some more pictures in the daylight but you get the idea.

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