Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Fitting Metal Mule Panniers to Mr T

Well after the bike falling over in France and the original lower pannier bracket not withstanding the fall I have chosen to fit the Metal Mule Panniers I bought to sell on.

The rack arrived well packed with a thick plastic coating holding the metalwork in place and the box filled with scrunched up card. What made it better was it arrived within 3 days of ordering on line. This combined with an article appearing in the MCN last week I knew I had made the right decision to fit them.

The box contains :-
  1. Two metal frames
  2. One cross member
  3. Four aluminium spacers
  4. Alan bolts, washers, nuts, bolts and plastic nut covers
  5. Clear and detailed fitting instructions

I liked the way the cross member, spacers and
fixings are all in a  plastic wrap.

First job remove original panniers.

There are two original brackets which are very flimsy. 

Tools required for removal of original brackets and fitting the Metal Mule pannier rack. 
  1. 6mm Tamper Alan key - I borrowed one from the guys at All Bikes of Rochdale
  2. 8mm Alan key
  3. 6mm Alan key
  4. 5mm Alan key
  5. 13mm spanner x2
  6. 10mm socket
Remove the heat shield using the 10mm socket for the top nut and the 5mm Alan key for the two retaining bolts.

Have the frame ready to offer up to the bike.

Remove the original lower pannier bracket but leave the steigthening bar in place
(Note - if you do not already have original panniers fitted you will be required to purchas this)
Replace the black alan bolt but leave the lower whole free.

Remove original upper pannier bracket complete with hand grip
using 6mm alan key and 6mm tamper alan key.

Repeat on other side.
This is what you will have
Re-fit in exactly the same order but replace upper bracket
with supplied Metal Mule Rack, 8mm alan bolts and spacers.
  1.  Hand guard
  2. Washer, shaped washer goes to the front
  3. Original spacers, the original spacers are two different lengths. Replace these with Metal Mule spacers of same length
  4. Upper pannier bracket
  5. Washers
  6. Alan bolts one standard rear one is a tamper proof bolt requiring correct alan key

Re-fit the rear foot peg followed by the heat shield.

Attach Metal Mule Rack loosly on the 8mm black alan bolts at the top
in the same order as removed but using the supplied aluminium spacers
and 6mm alan bolts at the bottom.

Attach cross memeber using 13mm nut and bolts
slide on black plast caps.

Repeat on the other side then tighten all fittings.

I double checked to see alignment was correct.

Finally attach the panniers

Very nice thank you very much.

Best bit of all I have gone from this!

To this.............. loads of space
and on both sides too!

I just need to get the Top-box rack sorted now.

All I can say is fitting the rack was an absolute breeze.
Well done to the folks at Metal Mule for producing a great peice of kit.
I wish all my "farkles" went so well.

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