Monday, 7 November 2011

Halo Day at The Walton's

All Year Bikers Halo Smart Clean Day

As with most subject bike, I was chatting to Ron on MSN Messenger as we do, when he told me about Halo Smart Clean. I had never heard of it before so clicked on the link he had sent through.

After having a good root around the site and watching the video on my favourite site YouTube, I posted up on the Manc Riders site if anyone would be interested in a Halo Day at mine. After just a couple of days I had 4 takers so I fired off an email using the sites Contact Us page requesting more information. I got an automated response within almost straight away which read:-
Hi Ray F

Thank you for your enquiry.

This has now been forwarded for processing. We aim to respond within 48 hours, please be aware though that we are sometimes away on venues and during this time the office is unmanned. In these cases we will respond to you as soon as we return.


I was well chuffed when I received a call from Steve the Warrington based rep introducing himself and organising a date for Steve to come over. Sadly the Saturday all the lads had hoped for was full but Steve suggested the Sunday. After a couple of days on the site it was apparent that there would be just LBK and myself as the other guys were working. I gave Steve a call and he was all good to go with just two so we set the date Sunday 6th November. I picked Ben up from school on Friday on the bike and one of the IAM lads was chatting to me which planted a seed. I emailed Phil to see if he knew anyone interested, Phil was so we were up to three.

Job sorted I left it at that till Sunday morning when I remembered one of my neighbours Andy had a couple of bikes so just dropped him a text. After the usual last minute re-arranging of who would be up first the order ran, Phil with his Triumph Rocket, LBK Triumph 1050 Tiger and yours truly with Mr. T.

Steve was set to arrive at 1000am so I asked Phil to get here at 9.30 so the bike was cool enough to start washing. Low and behold Phil arrived at 9.15 and Steve at 9.30 thanks to no one in Rochdale being out on the roads.  We were off!

Lilie Rose took a close interest in everything.
The weather was just amazing for a November Sunday. 

The system is quite straight forward and uses some really nifty kit. Jet wash, compressor and an Air Force Blaster, Cleaning Sprayers all all shapes and sizes, Cleaning brushes, Polish, ACF50 plus enough polishing cloths and dusters to keep me going for a year. After erecting the gazebo Steve got stuck straight in with the Rocket and I made the first of many brews.

All present and correct, plus a visitor!
1030am only 4 bikes, no pressure then Steve.

Yes you did read right as Andy dropped his Triumph 955i Speed Triple off as Steve was cleaning Phil’s Rocket.

The Process

First it’s a jet wash, remove all the loose muck, then a spray with a hand pressurised spray coating the bike in a mild de-greaser this is then given a good brushing over using a long handled brush taking care to get in all those hard to reach places. The chain if you have one is given a slightly stronger dose of cleaner and then all this is rinsed off, then comes the “magic foam” which is then left to run off taking the remaining dirt with it. The bike is then blow dried for want of another description. Once thoroughly dried, the wheels are covered in cloth, the whole bike is then loosely covered and ACF50 is applied under pressure braking down the molecules and gets into every single nuck and cranny. The covers are removed and the polishing starts. Finally the paint work received a good coating of polish which is then buffed up to a high sheen. Now that is how I personally would describe the process after watching four bikes get cleaned.

All foamed up.... looking better already LBK!



Apply ACF50.................

Then polish everywhere........

For some fantastic reslults....over

and over...............

again............... Fantastic!

The day went really well and Steve did a great job off all the bikes, spending two hours on each, not missing an inch. The feedback from the guys was really impressive and it turns out it was £60 well spent!

Then it was time for home.........
Steady as you go

Here is the official video which appears on the Halo Site.

I’m really pleased everyone had a great day, I know Lilie Rose loved all the attention and being involved from the very start. The bacon butties went down well too. I did feel a little guilty as Steve was at it from 9.30am to almost 5.00pm and survived on numerous cups of tea and not a bit to eat all day, sorry mate I should have offered you a butty or something mid day I just never thought.

All in all a great day with fantastic weather, supper friends, some amazing bikes and a really great hard grafting Halo Rep who did his company proud. Well done and thank you for all your effort Steve.


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  1. Recieved this today.... it made my day, cheers Steve.
    Hi Ray, very good report on the blog, i am impressed, except for my thinning crown appearing on a couple of pics, lol, it was really appreciated and i am glad to hear everyone one was happy, keep up the blog, I will be a regular visitor now i know where it is,

    again many thanks


    p.s. i thoroughly enjoyed the day