Monday, 13 February 2012

Will that door bell ever stop ringing today?

I never heard the first ring but Jeannie came through to Lilie Rose and I to inform us

 “Your parcel is here from America”

“Brilliant, it will be my bar risers from Jaxon”

“Sounds interesting”

“They lift the handle bars on the bike, it will straighten my back a little more and also give us a load more space for the bigger tank”

I was right it was a shiny new set of solid aluminium bar raisers all the way from Texas.

Looking Good!

A quick pop into my office (box room) to catch up with my emails and the door bell went again. It was my Akrapovic Carbon Exhaust hanger for Trinity. The guy (ppl-1) from whom I’d bought the exhaust system had made contact with me a couple of days ago through eBay to ask if I would be interested in buying  an original Akrapovic Carbon Exhaust Hanger as he had just taken delivery of 6 and was selling them on at half price. No need to ask twice, I emailed straight back with my order, that is once he’d emailed me a link to a couple of pictures. I’ll get round to fitting it when I have another day on Trinity but at the minute it is Mr. T’s turn for some T.L.C.

So with Bar Raisers in hand I headed into the garage and moved the Touratech Bar Bag to one side and took a couple of photos so I could position the bars at the same angle. Once I’d loosened the 4 bolts I gave Jeannie a shout to come and hold the bars whilst I fitted the raisers. Two minutes later I was tightening the clamp bolts up. I took a couple of photos again and compared one against the other.  The angle of the bars was spot on however when I sat on Mr. T the bars need adjusting back just a little. Bolts re tightened, bar bag replaced, remembering to insert the iPod cable back into the bottom of the bag, job done!




Job Done!

Loads of space for the new tank.

Heading into the kitchen and the door bell went again. Good grief! It was the Gerbing kit. I only placed the order last Thursday with Martin at Powered Adventures.

I have been looking at buying some heated clothing ever since riding back from Colditz in temperatures of -6 degrees. However until spoke to Martin at Powered Adventures I was not 100% committed to the idea. Martin has a wealth of knowledge and information; not pushy and was happy to answer all of my questions no matter how daft they sounded. Once I had all the information written down I began to work out what sort of set up worked best for Ben and I. As Ben or Jeannie are on the back most of the time I chose to have a Small jacket which will fit both of them, although a little large for Ben at the moment. He's growing so fat no that I'm not overly worried. I drew up my list, 1x Small jacket liner, 1x medium jacket liner, 1 XX small gloves for Ben, a dual portable controller for Ben and a single portable controller for my jacket (well if I'm doing it I'm doing it right). I gave Martin call back 15 minutes later and that was that.

So after having Jeannie try the small jacket and gloves on which where a perfect fit I tried the medium jacket but the sleeves are too short and the neck is a little on the tight side too. Medium  / regular is just a little too short in the arm but the other jacket is small / long and the sleeves are perfect, so I need a medium / long. A quick call to Martin and he emailed me the returns slip telling me they will swap the jacket without further issue.  (down side repairs and replacments can take 4-6 weeks, gutted). I feel another call to Martin comming on.

So it was back into the garage to wire up the jacket. I was chuffed to find the side panel comes off a treat with the bars attached. One thing I was not looking forward to was having to remove the AltRider Crash Bars, no such issues, Bonus!

Side panel off, seat off, battery disconnected, Gerbing power lead fitted, battery reconnected lead fed under tank and out by left leg, side panel back on. Back in for a coffee 10 minutes from start to finish.

Now Jaxon has been a true gentleman and sent me over half a dozen company stickers so I just HAD to find somewhere to put them. Obviously the top box was prime suspect as I never take it off so first up rear centre, followed closely by a couple of stickers on each side which look really smart, in my opinion that is.

Pride of place on "The Wall of Shame"

This will give folks something to talk about!

Sad I know but I had started last night on the sticker side with of all things a Skull & Crossbones which had been given to me at a set of traffic light in Warsaw, Poland in 2010 by some guy in a car.

“A random act of kindness”

Mr. T is now suitable "suited and booted" and looking very “individual” just the way I like him.

“Hold on a minute was that the door bell I hear..........!”

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