Monday, 27 February 2012

The XT1200Z Tank Conversion Project - Part 2

Well as I promised the Yamaha Super Tenere Forum members the 10,000 Blog Hit post will be a full update on the XT1200Z Tank Conversion Project.

Jaxon of has been very busy working away over in the U.S.A. on the tank that I bought from eBay. If you missed the original post here it is at The XT1200Z Tank Conversion Project page. Now rather than me try and prattle on about how the job and how it has gone I will go with the old but very true phrase........

"A picture paints a 1,000 words" so without further ado here's the story so to date.............

Take one brand new XT1200 petrol tank

Remove all trace of paint from the work area

Mark up the cutting area

Insert spacers and tack-weld together

Over-view with inserts in place

Make further cuts to increase volume further

Add more infills and weld fuel tight

Overview of expanded tank

Polished tank ready for the body shop

Now as far as projects go this has got too be the biggest I have undertaken with the Super Tenere and I'm pleasure to say dealing with such a professional operator as Jaxon as been a true pleasure. So a I would like to pass on a massive thank you to you Jaxon for all your hard work, dedication and the skill you have invested into my new and improved true Super Tank.

OH! I forgot to mention the capacity well it is now an Un-official 8 U.S. Gallon Tank and for us Europeans that is a fantastic 30.23 Litres up from the 23 it originally was.

In "Wandering Walton's" terms that is an amazing increase from 240 mile range to a very impressive 333 mile's. Now as 3 is my lucky number I have taken that as a touch of very positive "Fate".

Now it's all down to the guy's at the "Body Shop" to work their magic and create a masterpiece.


  1. Looks great!! Do contact me if you plan to sell your other tnk as I might be interested to get Jaxon to do another!! Biting_point

  2. Good idea, I also really want a large tank

  3. Sorry guys but I sold the Tenere over 12 months ago.