Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The XT1200Z Tank Conversion Project – Part 3

The Might T is Ready!

Switching on the ignition confirmed my thoughts. The tank was still three quarters full from the last time I went out. So there was nothing for it, I just had to go for a ride.

Fully kitted up within 15 minutes I headed out to visit TheAdventure Bike Warehouse located in Agecroft Salford although the actual address is Swinton, Manchester.

 It’s a great little set up with a fully operational service bay and a retail outlet. I had a brew and watched one of the videos taken on a recent Moroccan tour which in all honesty, was the real reason for my visit. Morocco is very high on my “places to visit” list only being piped to the top spot by Nordkapp in Norway and of course the Stelvio Pass located in the Italian Alps. I’ll get there one day you just see if I don’t!

After a nice brew I headed over to the Cat and Fiddle where I left said brew and had another one. The run home was just down through Buxton, where I'd lived and attended Harpur Hill Catering College back in 1979-1981 (how old am I?). Choosing to pass the Rochdale junction on the North M60 circular added 5 miles, passing the M62 added another 5 and finally taking the Ramsbottom junction to cut over “Ow’d Bett’s” added a further 10 miles. Ensuring I arrived back at the ranch well into “reserve”.

So at 5.30pm prompt I started removing the original tank which as per  usual required the removal of the front side panels but as I did not feel like messing with the fog light on the left so I just removed the fasteners and struggled.

Original tank removed and we're ready to go

Original tank safely removed I emptied the last 3-5 litres left inside into a Jerry can using a fuel funnel, liberally dousing my right leg and shoe in fuel. Just as well I was outside as the fumes where overpowering. Thank the lord no one in our house smokes or I’d have gone up in a ball of flames

A direct comparison of the two tanks.

Once the original tank was off I tried the new one on for size, size being the operative word. It looked huge! Mind I only sat it on top of the rear clamp  as opposed to tucked inside where it normally sits.

How BIG!

Original tank 98% empty I removed the filler cap followed by the fuel pump. Now a word of warning here, the fuel pump is BIG! and there is an annoying little tab that the float bowl bar sits on and it just did not want to come out. Using a screw driver I persuaded it’s best cause of action to prevent “terminal injury” was to bend just a little. Advice taken the pump just slid out complete with rubber seal. Finally I removed the tank edging and fitted each piece as removed directly onto the new tank.

Stubborn little fuel pump

Next I fitted the filler cap which went back on very easily followed by the petrol pump. Now not being a mechanic has its down side and on this occasion it manifested its self in the form of not knowing which way round the pump actually went back in! It took me 5 minutes of faffing about until I realised the retainer clamp quite handily has a small plastic locating lug. Now how clever is that of Mr. Yamaha. I still had to line up the retainer clamp on the old tank mind as I just could not figure which way it went back on,  I can be really thick at times.

The locating lug kindly provided by Mr. Yamaha

With all the parts refitted I started to attach the tank and spent another 5 minutes trying to slide the two breather pipes back onto the underside of the tank. In the end I had to remove the tank and said pipes from the bike and went back to the bench where I had to force the pipes on. The new tanks breather outlet pipes are far bigger than the original tanks for some inexplicable reason.

Breather pipes fitted the new tank went on a dream, mind I will have to remember to take the bike in for its service with an almost empty tank and even empty I noticed an increase in weight. With everything fitted, bolts tightened and side panels refitted it was just a case of adding the 3 litres of fuel to ensure there are no leaks.  Job Done! Or was it? I’d just  spotted the Yamaha Tank Protector that I had bought months ago which just had go on.

Can you spot the relocated "Touratech Handelbar Bag"?"

Very tidy indeed

At last an IBA Ready Super Tenere

Like my best mate says
"All it needs now is a BMW Badge!"

7.30pm and the whole process, including taking numerous photos was complete. Rolling the bike to the front of the house to make a “Walk Around Video” the camera switched of in disgust. Battery Dead. OK I can take a hint.

11.30pm just one last peep at the Might T. in the garage before bed. J headed off up and well you know what it’s like I got stuck in and made the tank side protectors out of the Oxford Paint Protector kit that I’d bought on my way home.

1.00am saw me climb into bed and start my latest read, Ewan and Charlie “Long way Down”………

I have no idea what I dreamt about but I can tell you one thing……………….

I really want to go for a BIG RIDE, “Jeannieeeeeee”  …………. “NO you bloody can’t!”

The Mighty T....... is Ready!


I would just like to personally thank Jaxon over in the USA for all the hard work and effort he has put into producing what I can only describe as a “Work of Art”.
“Jaxon, You’re the Man”
For more information on how to get your tank converted into whatever size and shape you require contact Jaxon directly at WWW.RIDEONADV.COM or WWW.WILDCARDCUSTOMS.COM

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