Thursday, 26 April 2012

The XT1200Z Tank Conversion Project is Done!

I filled the Might Mr. T up today  with 27 litres today and so with the  4 come 5 litres already in the tank that gives me a conservative total of 31 Litres (the fuel pump has gobbled up 2litres of fuel space).

Anyway doing the math, at 55 mpg which is what I'm getting regularly I now have a tank range of 374 miles

31 Litres = 6.8 UK Gallons x 55 mpg = 374 Miles BEST    

31 Litres = 6.8 UK Gallons x 50 mpg = 340 Miles AVERAGE   

31 Litres = 6.8 UK Gallons x 45 mpg = 306 Miles WORST  

Either way I'm over the glorious 300 miles per tank range and my goal has been achieved, on paper anyway. The crunch test will come when I take Mr. T out for a decent ride.

I was asked for more pictures of the tank fitted by guys on the Yamaha Super Tenere Forum  and so here are they are, a few more photo's showing the tank from different angels. 

From Top Box

Sat on bike eye-level view




Looking straight down seated



He is the final “Walk Around Video” in order to show all the “Farkling”I've done to the bike over the last 10 month.

And that folk's is that

Mr. T is DONE!

I've had a great time getting Mr. T ready for all the adventures we're going to have together. Here's hoping you've all enjoyed the XT1200Z Tank Conversion Project but sadly all good thing come to and end and as far as the Project goes this is the end.

Feel free to leave comments and I look forward to hearing from you.

Now it's time to do what I enjoy best............................... "Go ride!" Till the next ride .......

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  1. You bike is looking really good, I have the same bike but I went with the Trax bags, sides and top.
    For protection I went with AltRider all around, they make really good stuff. I found your blog through ADV on a mention about your expanded fuel tank. Looks really nice, matches the bike perfect. I will be following your adventures. I lived in Portugal almost 30 years ago and would love to do a tour or Europe one day. This year I'm going to Yukon, Canada for the Yamaha Tenere gathering and then I'm continuing to Alaska.