Monday, 23 April 2012

The XT1200Z Tank Conversion Project as Landed

Monday 23rd April 1200 hours

What a fantastic Saint George's Day!

Having stirred up a storm on my local radio station, The Revolution 96.2 (how appropriate) with tales of my police force application back in 1996. I then put up the Saint Georges Flag buntting across the front of the house, being the Proud English Man that I am before tucking into my breakfast.

"Did you know"

"Saint George is the Patron Saint of Ethiopia, Russia, Lithuania, Portugal, Greece and even England among others, he still has time to stand up for victims of disease and be one of the Saints that cross innumerable theological boundries to be held in high regard by loads of Christian splintter groups. Not bad for a bloke from Turkey of Palestinian parentage, who did'nt realy travel that much".

No, nor did I untill I'd read Paddy Tyson's fantastic book "The Hunt for Puerto Del Faglioli". Check out Paddy's web sites and his fantastic Overland Magazine site.

Here's my Amazon Book review of "The Hunt for Puerto Dl Faglioli".

I’ve just spent a very enjoyable 5 days reading Paddy’s book as, recommended by Sam (Manicom) at the NEC in November  2011. This has to be the best book I have read since Sam’s quintet.  Paddy has a fantastic way of combining useful local information with a whit that at times had me laughing out loud. I loved it and would highly recommend you download it NOW! You will not be disappointed.  When’s the next one due Paddy?

There I was with my nose in the last couple of pages when the doorbell rang, at last "The Eagle had Landed!"

"I'm sorry but I cannot take a cheque as you are not a business"

"So you want cash?"

"Yes please"

"Just as well we missed the delivery on Friday even though we were in, I'll be right back" amazing UPS will not accept a cheque even though I'm answering my own front door. It's not as if we're about to move, ever!

And so the XT1200Z Tank Conversion Project has arrived, now it's just a case of waiting until the "camera man" gets home from school, so wait I did!

Monday 23rd April 1630 hours

Ben does what he does best, Lights, camera, action.......

The XT1200Z Tank Conversion Project Lands

I cannot wait to see what impact it has on the bike but first here are a few of pictures of the tank, here in England.

The Craftmanship is outstanding

The finish..............

Well what do you think?

Jaxon you've played a blinder,
it's simply "OUTSTANDING!"

The only damage caused in transit
is to the front bracketswhich have bent under.
(problem sorted within 2 minutes in the garage)

So as you heard, Ben thinks the tank is "awesome" and cannot believe how big it is. The red vest fit's Lilie Rose like a glove and the black t-shirt fits me, well it would be a shame to waist it wouldn’t it Jaxon.
The final episode in the XT1200Z Tank Conversion Project - Part 3 "The Fitting".
Until the next time, have a great Saint Georges Day, I know we have.

Monday 23rd April 1800 hours

Not wanting to hack Paddy off I took the precaution of contacting Paddy though his web site  and asked permission to reproduce the above from his book. I was delighted to receive a personal email from Paddy at 1800 and I would just like to thank you Paddy  for your kind words. I’ll look forward to speaking to you at the Horizons Unlimited weekend  later this year  in Ripley. Best I get stuck in and finish what I’ve started …………….

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