Thursday, 7 March 2013

World Book Day - Raymondo's Bike Book List

If I’m not out riding you can be sure I’ll be reading about riding. Here’s the ever growing: 

Raymondo's Bike Book List

The Road Gets Better From Here
A Motorcycle Quest From Lancashire to Cape Town
Race To Dakar
Long Way Down
Long Way Round
Way to Go
The Road To Gobblers Knob
Oz - Around Australia on a Triumph
Motorcycle Therapy - A Canadian Adventure in Central America
Running With The Moon - A Boy's Own Adventure
Red Tape And White Knuckles
Lois On The Loose
India: The Shimmering Dream
Uneasy Rider
Journey Beyond Reason
The Hunt For Puerto Del Faglioli
One Man Caravan
Into Africa
Under Asian Skies
Distant Suns
Tortillas to Totems
Old Man On A Bike
Tea With Bin Laden's Brother
Jupiter's Travels
Dreaming of Jupiter
The Rugged Road 2nd Edition
Outlaws - Inside The Violent World Of Biker Gangs
Angels Of Death - Inside The Bikers Global Crime Empire

I’m pleased and proud to say I have read every single one of these books and without hesitation can recommend each and every one of them. However some I have enjoyed a whole lot more than others but as I am not “critic” I will leave you to make up your own mind.

If you need an amazing book to get you started I can thoroughly recommend Sam Manicom’s first book - Into Africa. It’s the first of four books covering his epic adventure that spans 200,000 miles around the world astride his trusty stead “Libby”.

Or if you fancy a laugh Geoff Hill’s books are brilliantly written and a laugh a minute especially Way to Go. In fact Road to Gobblers Knob is just as hilarious.

Well there you have Raymondo’s Personal Biker Book List. Happy reading everybody.

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