Thursday, 13 June 2013

Expedition Centre Experience with Nick & Nick

Thursday 13th June

Well it had to happen didn’t it? I got up to rain this morning, mind it is backing off a little now at 0940 hours. Still a drop of the wet stuff is not going to stop me having the weekend of weekends, no way!

I’m so pleased I chose to read the email from Touratech UK thoroughly and not delete it as I do with so many other emails from suppliers. Why? I really have no idea, I think it was purely down to the fact that, although it was selling something it was not presented in that way! If that makes sense?  

Now if that does not warrant further investigation then your not wired the same way as I am, it’s that simple.

So fast forward a week and here I am typing a quick update of how I feel. You see my Blog's are not just about what I or in fact ‘we’ do,  it’s about how I feel, good, bad, indifferent, warts and all!

Right this minute I am absolutely buzzing with anticipation right now. My Twitter account @Jap_STi_3 is kicking off royally with comments from close friends, Twitter friends and in fact folks I’ve never met but purely interact with through Tweeting! Sorry to admit this but I’m a Twitter Freak, plain and simple.

So with the weather brightening by the hour, my mood being somewhere up amongst the stratosphere I really ought to get Mr T sorted! I’ll be sticking the panniers on for the ride simply to make life easier  I have the small Touratech pannier bag which to be honest are too small to fill the huge 45 litre right hand side but work perfectly so will remain my bag of choice. However just looking up this link I now see Touratech make a 41 litre Zega pannier bag which looks interesting. I can see this shop visit costing me a small fortune if I'm not careful! #ShopaholicsAreUs 

Packing normally takes me 15 minutes tops. Wash kit is always ready in the garage just to pick up and go. Clothes, who needs cloths? Jeans, T-shirt, grollies, socks and my Berghaus 200 Fleece which lives in my top box and thats me. However I may have to take 'The Cardi' just in case it gets a little chilly at night.

All 8 participants of the inaugural Expedition Centre Experience received an email yesterday (well I guess they got the same email as me) with confirmation of the meeting place and time Friday morning. Other information included, advising us that bedding will be provided and to bring a torch so we can find our way to the accommodation in the evenings. How cool is that? I’m sat here grinning from ear to ear in anticipation of the whole weekend.

Meet-up, late breakfast/lunch with Nick and Nick, ride outs, light off roading on XT660Z Tenere’s, meals, sleeping in a Yurt or Timbuktu Trailer Cabin plus the chance to meet 7 other like minded riders. It is going to be brilliant! Even if it has just started tipping it down with rain again!

Right I really should make a start and get myself in gear. I intend to call in at one of ‘Grim Riders Motorcycle Museums’ on the way down through Wales as I pass just 8 miles from Llangollen Motor Museum. It’s an hour and a half from here and 2 and half hours from the pub I’ve booked for the night.

I gave the idea of getting up at 0300 hours tomorrow some thought and made the sensible decision to ride down today. The Ynyscedwyn Arms looks great on their website, a twin room Bed and Breakfast costs just £39.95 and as long as I get there before last food orders at 2030 hours I will be fine. My initial plan was to wait and say good bye to Lilie Rose and Ben at 1530 hours but that would just upset them both. With the weather being as shocking as it is plus adding my slight detour I’ll be setting off just after lunch and so with that in mind I will say farewell for now and Blog you all again ‘hopefully’ tomorrow. 

Look out Wales here we come........

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