Thursday, 19 May 2011

Trinity has sadly ground to a halt ! It's now just a waiting game......

Well after flying round like a "Headless Chicken" all last week I have eventually had a couple of hours in the garage to fit the latest additions.

First to be fitted were the Gilles Chain Adjusters which went on a breeze and I still think they look amazing.

Mmmmmm, very nice indeed.

The 1996 P1 fitment works perfect on the L1 once you
file off 3-5 mm each side of the rear axel bolt
So it fits into the recess

Only to have be refitted correctly once I'd read the instructions! I'd missed out "FOUR" locking nuts which keep the rear clamp in place. I could not believe it, but luckily it was very easy to remove the rear clamp bolt and insert the nuts and re-tighten without much bother

Those nuts where a pain to hold still whilst tightening.

So "Ray's Top Tip" read the fitting instructions first!

Next I took my time and fitted the rearsets that Mark has made for me. After getting over how absolutely perfectly they fitted my initial thought is they look a little darker than the Triple Yoke but hey, when they look this sexy who cares.

I'm looking forward to setting these up just perfect.

The only problem I discovered once fitted, the rear brake hose is now 20cm too short due to the fitted rear master cylinder. There had to be just one problem didn’t there? I have now orded a new Carbon coloured Goodridge Hose from JD Motorsports who trade on ebay as RiceRocket. Once that arrives I can fit the hose along with the very very sexy "pressure actived brake light switch" How trick?

That Brembo master cylinder looks fantastic, Thank you Mark
Get your orders in here -

Last but not least I popped the newly re-covered seats. Tony has done an outstanding job as ever.

So folks that is that now until Dream Machine call me and tell me the bodywork is ready for collection & Adam in the USA contacts me to say all the Carbon Parts are reardy for shipping.

Then again I've got a cunning plan to "cheer up" the exaust, thanks to Mark but it's not going to be run  of the mill. Then again what is on Trinity?

As clean as they look, I know a man who can make them
look so much better ................

So this is just the begining of something special,

Just watch this space....................!!!

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