Thursday, 5 January 2012

2012 Get’s of to a Great Start ........................ all be it an exceedingly windy one!

Well with 2011 finishing with a good run out to The Raven down in Whitchurch with the Manc Riders  on Thursday 29th.  We had a fantastic “Full English” and brew  all for the princely sum of £5. Now that’s what I call a damn good deal!

I met up with LBK and Lefty just off junction 19 of the M6 at the Esso Garage. It had been touch and go as to whether we went or not due to the terrible weather and high winds but we just got on with it as you do.

LBK looking nice and warm with Lefty "doing a deal" on the Porsche!

We had Anthony1664 “my real name is Dave” meet up with us en-route and took a steady pace all the way down to Whitchurch.

Not a bad turn out all things considered. 

Quote of the day, taken from the Manc Riders Forum by LBK (hope you don't mind LB) which read -

"FFS,The journey home was feckin horrendous.We pulled over for 10mins but as soon as we set off the heavens opened up on us.We lost each other on the m56 due to the wind and rain chucking us all over the feckin show. At times that was a bit scary but good fun in a weired way.  But It was a good breckie run though cheers lads"

Now sadly I’ve not had chance to get out since on Mr. T due to being away for the New Year and then just sorting stuff out at home. Now Christmas is out of the way though things are starting to drop into place. 

I’ve been on the search for a copy of the February 1993 issue of Performance Bike Magazine because it contains the “93 ZXR750 First UK test”. I remember reading the review and shortly afterwards placing my order for a brand spanking new ZXR750 L1. This turned out to be a major turning point in my life in so many ways but that’s a whole different story.

Well as luck would have it I was on good old eBay when I spotted the exact magazine. Trust me though I forgot to bid as I was busy sorting the office (well my man size cupboard really). It went for £3.95 but having a search I found Pigfarmer Bike Magazines. A couple of emails and BINGO Keith came up with a copy of my beloved Performance Bike from February 1993. I can highly recommend them if your looking for anything Magazine from 1907 to present day, just drop them an email.

The article responsible for this whole obsession!

Then today I spent the whole day listing ZXR parts on eBay. Best thing was when the Postman called with a package from Germany. My Carbon chain guard had arrived, now that really did cheer me up.

Don't you just love the finishing touches?

So far January Ben and I will be travelling down to a fellow Iron Butt Rider who is hosting the January RTE (Ride to Eat) at his home combining it with an official New Build Garage Finished Party so more to come on that event at the end of the month.

Lastly I spent quite a while on line booking ferries, hotel and Channel Tunnel Crossing for next months IBA RTE at Waterloo in Belgium. Ben and I will be heading over there the 24th of February sailing from Hull on the overnight crossing to Rotterdam which lands at 9.00am.

The plan, dependant on the weather of cause, will be to head over to the Arnhem War Museum for a good look around. Then head down to the hotel in Waterloo, meet with the rest of the IBA folks then visit the “Butte Du Lion”

The monument is on the battlefield at Waterloo
and marks the spot where William of Orange was wounded.

We intend returning on Sunday after an over night stay in Waterloo incorporate a trip to Ypres to visit Flanders Fields (sadly the museum is closed until June) and Battle Remains in the Ypres Salient, Belgium WW1 Battle Fields as I know Ben will take this all in as he did in France last year.

Then there is the small matter of a 400 mile ride back home via the Channel Tunnel.
And so, all in all, 2012 is getting off to a very good start, thank you very much indeed!

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