Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Out and about ................ in this weather?

Derbyshire Lad Born 'n' Bread

“Come here you, give me a big hug! Oh I have missed this”

“I’ve missed you too”


“I can’t breathe .......”

“I’m just topping up, stop moaning”

“No I’m serious I can’t bloody breath, your squeezing me to death”

“That’s better, now how is every one, how’s my Little China Pie’s doing?”

“Everyone’s fine, Jeannie send’s her love; Lilie Rose is just great, going to all sorts of clubs. She’s in the Guides now you know, she goes swimming and to the youth club, she’s hardly ever in!”

“Sounds like a very busy little lady and Ben what’s he up to?”

“Oh you know Ben, here there and everywhere, he’s really into his sport, he does some sort of sport every day of the week bar Mondays. He misses having someone to play with near home with us being down the road from all his class mates but he’s happy enough.”

“I’m so proud of the two of you I really am now make sure you give Jeannie my love when you get home won’t you and ring me to let me know your home”

“I will”

“No you won’t, you never blinking do!”

“I Love you Mum”

“I love you too Sweetheart”

So the conversation went in my head as I cleared the leaves away, moved the Christmas wreaths and added my flowers to the fresh ones already in place. I dug a shallow hole and sat the Rose plant inside before building a mound of soil around the outside of the plant pot.

That’s better Mum, looks a bit more like, tears rolling down my face as I kiss the freezing cold headstone. 10 years on I’m still in bits. God I miss my Mum so much.................

"Just for you Mum x x x "

Riding over Saddleworth Moor on the M62 heading towards Leeds the traffic on the other side was at a standstill all the way from Rochdale to past Huddersfield turning. No idea why I just know the rain was coming down in a fine mist, visibility down to 100 foot and everyone sat at 50 mph due to average speed limits where the workmen were hard at it.

By the time I’d got to Brighouse I’d had enough and pulled off the M62 and headed cross country towards Mirfield, skimming the south part of Dewsbury and on to the M1 southbound off at junction 29. I ride to Temple Normanton every year, collect a bunch of flower from the same little florist and green grocers in Hasland. Have the same conversation with the lady behind the counter.

“Would you like a bow for these?”

“No there fine thank you there for my Mum”

“Are you going to be all right with those flowers on your motorbike?”

“Yes thank you, I’ll be fine”

“Are you sure, I don’t want you to have an accident because of my flowers”

“I’ll be fine please don’t worry. This is the 10th time I’ve done this”

“Bye, take care”

“I will thank you see you next year, bye”


It’s only 3 miles from Hasland to Temple Normanton Cemetery but it is the longest ride I  make and it never gets any shorter.

Our conversations over it’s time for a quick pop in what used to be Clay Cross Kawasaki many, many moons ago. It’s now a cracking sprawling bike dealership conveniently positioned on the way to my Dad’s in Alton.

A big hug,  brew and a ham sandwich are shared whilst having a whistle stop catch up on what we have both been up to since our last chat then as quick as I arrived I’m off again.

Heading back to Rochdale but the scenic route as the weather has backed off and the sun is doing its damnedest to come out again. Up the back road called Long Alton, heading toward Ashover. Then after some very interesting cow pat covered single track lanes it’s on to Amber Lane heading to Matlock, straight through Matlock town centre and on to Bakewell home of the famous “Bakewell Tart” delicious served warm with custard!

Then its over towards Buxton on the amazing A6, on to the A6020 then cut left on “Old Coalpit Lane” before turning a quick left and right up and over Harpur Hill. Dropping down out of Harpur Hill its a very sharp left then right to put me onto the 50mph restricted A537 more famously known as the “Cat and Fiddle” stopping just long enough to take two pictures of a “bikeless” car park.

First time ever, not another bike in sight!

My kind of roads and not a car in sight

Heading off towards the metropolis of Stockport over some great roads before riding head long into rush hour traffic. I pop out the other side some 45 minutes later only to join the M60 circular as far as Chadderton Broadway. 30 minutes later I’m pulling into the garage, wet but not cold and Mr. T in need of a very serious clean but that can wait until tomorrow as its 5.00pm and almost dark.

So all in all a good day well spent doing what I do best.

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