Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Mr T just got a whole lot more “Super”

Well rain as certainly “stopped play” for the last few days and so I thought I’d best get the fuel rack and water bottle rack fitted to the panniers. As ever though, once I get started in the garage I tend to do all those little jobs in one go. So with the waterproof hard wired iPhone charger in one hand and the “Bullet” brake & indicator lights in the other I headed into the garage.

Fitting the two racks was an absolute breeze and thinking about it I’ve no idea why they have been sat on the bench since coming back from the Horizons Unlimited meeting held in Belper back at the beginning of July. Still there fitted now and look quite the part with the red straps I bought on eBay.
 Water anyone?

and no more "pushing" Mr T
Water bottles & 2 Litre Fuel Can & Racks
cutesy of Stahlkoffer 

Next it was time to take the off-side front panels off so I could wire in the iPhone charger. Finding somewhere to mount the case itself proved a little difficult due to beginning to get a little “busy” up front. However after offering the case up to various places there was only one place worth considering, the off-side wind deflector.

Cutting the fuse off and wiring the charger directly into the Fuzeblock saves so much time. The voltage control box has an on-off switch which I had to test to see if it remained on when the ignition was switched on and off. Luckily for me it stays on and so I just put the 2 amp fuse into put the “switched” side. Job done! Now when I switch on the ignition the charger is live and goes off when I switch the ignition off. This also meant that I could mount the switch box way down at in the tool storage area where the Zumo 660 wiring lives.

The amazing Fuzeblock

On-off Switched stowed away neatly

Hard Wired iPhone Charger
(no more silent rides for me hey Jeannie) 

That done it was time to remove both seats and the rear seat tray which is a pain as it means removing the handrail/pannier bolts. Now let me say right now, “I am not electrically minded at all and when I saw the three way water proof connectors I was not impressed”!

Three down one to go.... bliss, Not!

Still if a job is worth doing it’s worth doing right and with that in mind I set about drilling the panniers yet again.  That’s 4 holes for the racks two holes for the lights and one hole for the wiring. Having used “dowty” washers for the racks and sealing the back of the lights with a little washer I’m happy they will not leak unless submerged, by which time wet pannier contents will be the least of my worries.

Under the rear seat tray the wiring is pretty self-explanatory with the indicator lights being black and yellow. Finding the right brake light wire was a matter of cutting off some of the shrink wrap and exposing three wires black, blue and yellow. If your planning on doing the same mod you need the yellow wire not the blue! “Don’t ask”.
How fiddly?
Very, springs to mind

Still worth doing right though

Don't you think?

Having splice into the yellow wires using the correct clips I then connected all four earth wires and connected them to the earth connector I had just cut off the iPhone charger wiring loom. All the lights worked a dream so I set about mounting them all into the panniers but one at a time as I had to cut the cable, earth lead disconnected and ignition off first of cause.

Fitting the fiddly little connectors was an absolute pain for yours truly and I’m not going to drag this write up out with all the ins and outs. To give you an idea, I started the wiring at 3.00pm and finally started to reassemble Mr T at 6.35pm. Electrics is not my favourite job but I’m pleased to say everything worked OK and here’s a short video Ben & I made last night.


Yamaha Super Tenere XT1200Z
Mr T gets a few more goodies

Waking up to yet more torrential rain this morning did not impress me one jot as I was due at Kais over in Atherton for 9.00am. 

The ride over was interesting to say the least as the M62/M60 was at a standstill that was after I’d already passed a three car prang on the slip road out of Rochdale leading to the M62.

The M61 was a little better but one thing I did notice the “exhaust sniffers” as I lovingly call tailgaters soon backed off when I touched the brakes. So the one question I had been asking myself, “was it worth 3 hours’ work fitting the additional lights” was well and truly answered with a resounding “Yes”!

Arriving at Kais at 8.45am I had a few minute wait so made a short video for Bruce’s TeaPotOne promo video. By the time the lads arrived I was ready for a coffee which was on the counter within minutes. I removed my panniers and put them in the shop front and George took Mr T into the workshop to and got to work.

All the very best Bruce
Have a fantastic journey

After a good look at all the signed photo’s on the wall you are left with no doubt Kais know their stuff when it comes to suspension. With so many well know racers both on the track and in the motocross world thanking them for all the help and support  it’s reassuring to know when it comes to suspension, especially Ohlins, they have all bases well and truly covered.

How sexy is the contents of this cabinet?
Mmmmmm....very !!!

I first came across Kais when I was looking to have Trinity’s Ohlins rear shock absorber refurbished. Nick did an absolutely brilliant job so much so that I took the front forks in to have them refurbished too, only for him to discover they were bent. Just as well I had a second set sat in the garage. I’ve not stopped singing their praises since so when it came to getting Mr T fitted out there was only one number I needed, Kais. As it happens it was still in my phone, now that’s customer loyalty if ever I heard it.

Out with the "not-so" old shocker

One word........ Ohlins!

In with the new..... bring on the good times! 

Still no drama’s like that today. It was out with the old and in with the new and by 11.00 am I was suited and booted  and putting the panniers back onto Mr T. That was after watching the whole of the 2011 Isle of Man TT race on DVD. I thanked George for doing a great job and after a quick demo of the new lights, which he was impressed with by the way, I said good bye and headed off into the rain once more. I was tempted to pop down the M6 and grab a couple of Gold Post Boxes photo’s until I realised how bad the rain was decided against it.

Riding home in the yet more of the wet stuff was certainly not the best conditions  in which to see if Mr T’s new Ohlins unit was any different but I could tell straight away. It is! The cornering felt more controlled, bumps in the road just vanished and maybe it is just wishful thinking but I feel safer and at the end of the day that is my most singularly important priority. Oh and did I mention It looks simply amazing too .........

Once again can I just pass on a
Massive Thank You to All the Guys at
TEL: +44 (0)1942 896366   

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